"12 Angry Men"

Pictures by Rusty Gillespie ('03).  Updated captions by Mr. G.

Corey & Rusty's great collage for "12 Angry Men"

Pete Pemberton & Joey Zukosky - stagemen.

Corey, aka Juror #9, gets "saucy."

Crystal Smith, Juror #6, relaxes backstage.

Alex, Juror #3 and Paige, Juror #5, and the big bright flash of fame in the background.

Amanda (in her 1st year) and Jimmy Gocay.

Nathan, Juror #2, when he was about 1 foot shorter than today, in 2004.

Rusty, Juror #10, is ready to perform at his night show, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Stacy & Gretchen (#7 & #11) are ready for the kung-fu fighting scene of "12 Angry Men" that got, unfortunately, cut.

Thespian President Yasmine (#8) and Leslie Carreiro (#4) share a moment of non-angriness.

A fuzzy rendition of the scene where Stacy rolls on the floor.

All of us. We were just that angry.