State Competitions, 2012

March 15-17, 2012

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Pictures by Mr. G & Brianna Loviglio ('14).  Captions by Mr. G

Morning strategy session, first day, trying to figure out where Julia is.

Jessica and Chrissy practice hat trading.

Being cool in the park.

Yeah, we make it look pretty effortless. Later, Lucas will leave his pack in this park and I will twist my ankle jogging back with him to get it.

Kelsey, in "thoughtful hero" pose.

What? A SUPERIOR in Duet Acting. Yeah, that actually happened.

Lucas, possibly plotting something.

No trip to States is complete without the requisite trip to Starbucks and their world-famous 40-minute line.

Worth it.

I wonder why nobody was sitting here? Oh right, the blinding sun.

Chrissy and Jessica mentor young Julia.

One second before my cell phone bumped into Kelsey's head.

Alyssa can't take Brianna or Lucas anywhere.

Through-the-easel shot. Tres avant-garde. Why yes, that is Kristina in the only non-Presidents shirt.

Dutch angle madness! It's crazy!

Jessica, fully confident about her Costume Design event.

Jessica, who it turns out, had right to be 100% confident about her Costume Design event.

Christmas card photo?

SUPERIOR in Costume Design .... oh yeahhhhhh

Right before the volleyball players also at the Tampa Convention Center laughed at us for being Thespians.

Yet we get the last laugh. Good trip. : )

Brianna sent in some nice pictures too, like her favorite one of Chrissy.

If I were British I'd say "I was pumping up the lorry full of petrol hip hip wot" but instead I'm just pumping gas.

Fashion pose by the Playwriting room.

Brianna's picture of the fun at the Dance.

And the good times : )