The November Comedies, 2010

November 18 & 19, 2010

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Laugh?  Oh yes, we laughed.

Backstage Pictures

Pictures by Garry Cohen ('11) and Mr. G.  Captions by Mr. G

Jessica, cheerfully building a boulder.

The props table is where all the fun is at.


Whoa! What the heck ... PROGRAMS? The party is ON.

Oh tiny-eyed Kenny Rogers, you're a perpetual source of strength.

Alex? Odysseus? Where does one end and the other begin?

Yarr, that be Zack aboard th' port side yeargggh!

Kayti is obviously a one-eyed cyclops, and Mollay is obviously the God of the Sea.

Corina, hanging out in the wings.

Chris, beatboxing far better than me.

When life gives you lemon Snapple, make lemonade.

Sarah Hudak designed the "anchor" on Jake's muscular arm.

Cast grooving in the makeup room.

Striped shirts are ever so much fun!

Almost as much fun as standing around quietly as other scenes go on, onstage!

While waiting for your turn onstage, time can seem to blur.

Ok, not sure why Vince keeps making the same exact pose in each picture.

Mary + Thushara's hair = groovy.

Yay, makeup!

Alyssa puts herself in Carl's capable makeup hands.


Brianna, and that masking tape thing she does.

If you ever need a sheep's head in a few minutes, Adele is the one to call.

Kristina, and her Box of Magic Wigs.

Excitement ripples through the dress rehearsal audience.

Kasey, trying to figure out where on earth we are in the script, and Jonathan being quietly supportive.

Benji decides to be Chris' mentor.

Chris, realizing that Benji has just taking him on as his mentor.

Noemi and Megann having ever-so-much fun in the audience.

By the way, these are not shots of our "packed audience" for performance.

Garry, achieving the green glow which shows his stage management Chakra has aligned.


Backstage, it's super-supportive, as Jessica and Lucas demonstrate here.

Striped shirts? Wow this school is even more amazing than I could ever have hoped for.

Melissa, before she got changed into costume. Ahahahaha get it?

Who is that rocks the party? (Answer: us)

Rachel, chuckling backstage.

Kasey, at about the time the color went out backstage.

We were looking around saying, wait, are you normally monochromatic?

Caitlin started panicking.

Jonathan was like, "Muahahaha you'll not get your color back until you solve these riddles three ..."

Then Garry solved the day by using his Magic Wishing Hanger.

Side effect: Sarah now had man-hair.

If it's not the color goes out, then it's the gravity. Sigh.

Drama I. Represent.

Too cool for school? Perhaps.

Amy and Adele, relaxing before the curtain goes up.

Me, and the handsome type of picture you've come to expect when the camera is looking at me.



Without captions, as nature intended.

"The Seussodyssey"


"Ten Reasons I Hate Being a Teenager"


"Mystery at Twicknam Vicarage"

"Wanda's Visit"