State Competitions, 2010

April 8-10, 2010

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Pictures by Garry Cohen ('11) & Chanel Letourneau ('10).  Captions by Mr. G

Chanel, all ready for the trip to States!

Tori is secretly an evil assassin who waits around corners to murder people.

Alex, with his super-cool haircut.

"Arsenic & Old Lace" in the house! (raises palms upward)

SUPERIOR ... omg!

Melissa, telling the young'uns how competitions used to be back in her day.

And the signature cool-walk that she perfected in "Troupe 1365."

That's us! In the reflective window! IT'S US!

Sarah, at the park.

Taylor, leading the troupe at the park with a few words of wisdom on eating lunch safely.

Why is my shoe flashing?

Miss Taylor kicking back.

Vince, preparing for his role as a vulture in the off-Broadway hit play, "Swooping in Circles Above the Desert."

Tori in a moment of contemplation, reconsidering her life as an assassin. (she later gave up assassination entirely - good for you Tori!)

It looks like Tori is about to spit a mouthful of water in Garry's face here.

Me, laughing at Jessica's inability to hold a sandwich.

The Deli where it costs $1.69 for 1 oz. of potato salad.

The new cover of 'Thespians Today' magazine.

"Steel Magnolias" publicity project in action.

Alex, thrilled at his Excellent. Way to go!!!

Wha ... TWO Excellents?! Why is everything so awesome??!

Garry looks demonic here. RUN ... SAVE YOURSELVES!

We lead the state of Florida in the Awkward Pictures category, amongst all troupes.

... and in happy smiles. Yay us!