Spring One Acts, 2010

March 25 & 26, 2010

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A series of plays so good, we only have pics of the action backstage.

Pictures by Garry Cohen ('11).  Captions by Mr. G

Behind the Scenes

Okay, so we don't have any pics of the actual performance.

But what we DO have are lots of pictures of what took place backstage.

Oh wait, Anjonette is on the stage. In front of our extraordinarily complex set.

Kristina. Who said, "Oh boy!"

Mary was there in a cool-looking t-shirt.

We like to stand around a lot before and after makeup.

Brianna, with her new look. And Kenyhatta, who threw up on stage.

Chris looked ultra-cool.

And, some more standing about.

Jamal, unaware that his hat is facing the wrong way. I'll bet he was embarassed when he found out!

Alex, Brea and Elizabeth rehearsed this scene about 20 billion times before the show. No lie.

Chanel, enjoying the backstage free time that happens when you're not the stage manager.

Holly and Abby "help" Alex with makeup.

Tori, wondering what life would be like if she had a huge electrical outlet in her right shoulder.

Caitlyn, with the innocent look that usually means something, somewhere, is somehow on fire.

Chanda, putting 1/4 pound of hair gel on Garry's head.

Backstage mayhem.

Noemi, again in the makeup room. I hope you like the makeup room because basically all of our pictures were taken there.

Devon ... can you guess where?

Moriah, counseling Caitlyn on how to live a happier, healithier life.

The cast of "13 Ways to Really Screw Up Your College Interview."

Lindsay and Garry doing their crying exercises.

Melissa and Natalia share a moment of crazed activity and stress.

Chris teaches Jamal the finer points of picking your nose.

Lindsay, very sad that she showed up late for Chris' "How to Pick Your Own Nose" seminar.

"License and registration, sir."

Malik. By a ... pole, looks like.

Czarina, looking ferocious.

Kasey, in another one of her 'black and white' phases.

Cody wearing a striped shirt.

Jonathan in an eyeliner moment.

Another sunglasses picture, this time with Dillon.

Marisa, hands on her hips in our continuing series of action pictures.

Jessica having her foreheads counted. (total: 1)

Jessica, Judhit, Nelly .. three women with three different motivations.

Garry and Adele, as they became zombies chasing the few remaining living.

Moriah corners and devours the last survivor. ~FIN~