One Act Competitions 2009

January 24, 2009

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Karly's Senior Project this year was directing and producing the One Act "'Dentity Crisis."   A good time simultaneously being nervous and waiting around was had by all.

Pictures & Captions by Mr. G.

Scenic Bishop McLaughlin HS, where it all took place.

The day was cold.

Although, we did find that hearty laughter could keep the cold temporarily at bay.

Chrissy, passing on some words of wisdom to Garry, who was preparing for his first on-stage role.

Inside, everyone was perky. REAL perky.

Miss Taylor dealt with the cold with a strict regimen of shivering.

No, that is not a bum. It is a couch.

Our small, but plucky team, ready to rock at 7am on a Saturday.

Did I mention it was cold?

This is where we had what they call "Load In."

Several cars passed us on the way in.

We spent a lot of the time realizing that other troupes were just going to load in as they felt like it.

Our sets sat in the car while our compulsive politeness pushed us further and further towards the end of the queue for load-in.

Finally! It's load in time!

No, wait, that was just another troupe's car that passed in front of us. It's ... uh ... Hug Time instead!

The only thing better than waiting is more waiting.

Waiting in the cold.

Note: all the other troupes have loaded in by the time we move in.

Somehow, it seemed anti-climactic.

We were being scored, so we were all kind of uncomfortable and trying to look like we knew what we were doing.

Then we calmly, professionally, and boringly left. FYI: We still don't know how to get top marks in "Load In."

Chanel was our Stage Manager, and Karly was our Director.

They were fierce! Fierce I tell ya!

At about this point, I realized that all of our pictures were just us standing around.

Since there's no photography allowed in the theater - that's pretty much all we could film.

Coming back from lunch, we stood around with fast food cups in our hands, which was a nice change.

Chrissy, with all the materials she needed to spank people, apparently.

Lindsay, and Karly waiting around.

Oh, we also rehearsed outside but I forgot to take pictures then. That would probably have been interesting.

It was a play, right. These characters were crazy.

And then Jane was like "I'm crazy too now. My last name is Carrot."

And that's all I got to say about that.