Spring One Acts, 2009

April 16 & 17, 2009

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One Acts?  In the Spring?  It's a plan so crazy .. it just might work.

Pictures by Lauren Bates ('09), Garry Cohen ('11), Chanel Letourneau ('10)  & Alex Reuille ('10).  Captions by Mr. G

Behind the Scenes

It's where the real action is.

Kasey, and two guys who always get mixed up. What are their names again?

Cara, completely focused AND stylish at the same time, in true makeup room fashion.

Jamie closely watches Carl for coolness tips.

Meanwhile, up in the Light & Sound booth EVERYBODY is having a great time.

Everybody looks like ants from the Light & Sound booth. Well .. like littler versions of people at least.

Nitza and Melissa sharing a makeup moment.

Garry and Czarina helping a tiny old man who has lost his hair. What kind of person would steal a poor old man's hair??!


The cool new stage flats that Mr. Taylor made for us. They are sleek, elegant, and one would later almost kill Brooke.

Benji and Vince mix it up at the props table.

Just four guys, hanging out.

Our opening night crowd was actually bigger than this.

Noemi, Lisa and Amy work hard on the stage crew. REAL hard.

We had a real fire hose for "The Still Alarm" courtesy of some great Props Crew connections.

A very rare moment of relaxation on Opening Night before the house opened.

Mark about to get his eye that always pops out popped back in by the makeup crew.

Kids these days.

Behind every great, black-dressed special agent is Steven Somohano.

Hard Candy (Acting 1, Two Casts)

Anybody from the other cast who has any pics?  Lemme know, and I'll post 'em!

Who IS that handsome director with such a clear sense of urgency and vision?

Makeup craziness continues as Hard Candy, the first show in the series gets ready to roll.

Sarah is always at a Dutch angle. Your neck hurts after talking to her for too long.

Meluntra, looking sharp as Dave.

Must .. focus ... dozens of cast members .. going on ... in minutes ....

Cody is ready to be the first actor on stage for the night.

"Hard Candy" was brought to you by the letter "M"

What complex sets we had. That's not a flat table. It's an office desk, of course!

The hard candy is symbolic of the title of the play.

Such clear expressions! It makes an acting teacher proud, ya know : )

I think Fred and Gail could probably pull off a spin-off/buddy movie.

It's a truism that all Vince has to do to get anybody to laugh is just stand and look somewhere.

If you don't laugh, you better look out though.

It's a picture of a picture-taker. Levels. Like an orange.

Courtney = victorious. Nina = fetal.

As close to a cast pic for this as we're gonna get.


Caity, helping Garry with lines in the lobby.

Just another day, of never getting promoted.

When I see this picture, I imagine Vince hosting his own comedy improv show and I don't know why.


Lockdown (Drama I, One Cast)

You know you've had a class with this cast of characters before.  (I'm sorry.)

"Lockdown" is a play about students.

Why is Phil so calm? It's like he doesn't even know his blocking!!

So, in a Lockdown, everybody locks themselves into their classrooms for security purposes.

You're never sure WHY you're locked down, just that you are.

You've probably never had a class like this, but this one has a few arrogant, self-centered students who are really, really irritating.

Instead of shutting up (like you're supposed to) they use the opportunity to bicker about their petty problems.

Alyssa is either tragically farsighted, or trying to get reception.

Jamal vs. Destiny ... WHO WILL WIN?

Shelby and Mary's scene composition here suggests a division of light and dark, of knowing and unknowing, dichotomy without form.

Abby and Brooke somehow made sure Jessica (barely seen) hardly got a word in edgewise.

Ms. Karsh. It rhymes with harsh. And .. probably something else. Sparsh?

So, at the end of the mysterious lockdown, it's finally dramatically revealed to the students that


Dinner With the MacGuffins (Acting 2 & 3, Two Casts)

Who needs a fourth wall?

A very special father and son moment.

Melissa LOVED everything about the play, especially all of the makeout scenes with Mark. They were electric.

We were fortunate to get Lindsay's performance on stage before the back of her brain exploded through her hair.

Even Nitza seems to be asking, "Whose head is shaped like that?"

Zach is visited by two agents. MYSTERIOUS agents. Thus the black clothes.

Lauren would sometimes just vanish into the wings like a Chesire Cat, except human, and without smiling. Or a hallucinegic backstory.

That's right kids, don't try this at home.

Wait? What was that? Was that a CELL PHONE in the audience?

Wow, it's the same family but a different cast. And no costumes. It's wacky!!

It's hard to believe Mark is the same guy who once had the world's craziest hair.

Hey, it's those agents! Except they're a different cast without costumes... wait. Whoa, I just got deja vu. You too?

Meanwhile, stage managers are being trusted as the play wore on. What a nice phrase. With your permission I'll say it again: the play wore on.

Miss Taylor is getting all hardcore painting something. I forget what it was, but it was essential.

She's just not that into you.

If only Nitza had been at WCHS for the "Romeo & Juliet" unit where we did that "mouth location" mini-lesson.

I kinda like the jaunty camera angle here.

One Grampa ......

TWO Grampas?! Whaaaa? Oh yeah, the split cast thing.

Do you see the bird, Judge Hawthorne? Aigh! Its claws! Its claws!

Bradley looking all paternal. Kinda.

It's all fun and games until someone calls the Federal Containment Bureau.

"But you hung drywall for 1,047,374,378 years, Grandpa!"

Moriah, giving Mark her particular brand of performance feedback. Or acting. Could be either.


The Still Alarm (Thespians, One Cast)

Quite possibly, my favorite One Act performance of all time (so far).  I've been waiting for years to put it on, and I wasn't disappointed.

Tori, at the very moment she realized she had crossed over too far, and would never be able to go back to the Cheerleading team.

May I just say ... total and utter props to Makeup and Costume crew.

"On fire?" "Mm, yes sir. We .. er .. think so."

I wish I could have a video clip of the 'leg click/crossover" maneuver Tori did as she sat down each time.

"Is it bad?" "Yes sir, we uh .. think so."

The hotel fills with smoke, the single reason why we can't take this to One Acts competition next year. Unless we get really really creative somehow.

"Oh no, you never could jump."

Ed calls for ice water, as Bob painstakingly folds each item as they evacuate with great British reserve.

The Firemen! We're saved!

Ed and Bob ... ARE saved .. aren't they?

"Did you hear that? He knows the chief! Dear Chiefy!" (chortle, chortle)

Cara/Fireman #1 faces the situation with great determination, if not actual results. Meanwhile is like a Charlie Chaplin version of Santa Claus.

"Play us that thing you played when the Equitable Building burned down."

You're not anti-symphonic, are you?

Chanel's longlost picture of the entire cast.