District Competitions 2009

January 10, 2009

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Great trip to Districts this year - 3 Critics' Choices, 12 Superiors, 9 Excellents and a whole lot o' fun!

Pictures by Nichol Reeves, Vanessa Sanchez, Captions by Mr. G.


At 6:45am, we begin readying ourselves for battle.

I say "readying ourselves for battle" but that really just means shuffling about the Drama Room until it's 7:10 and exchanging cell numbers.

Ms. Bates was our chaperone. She seemed to hold some motherly affection for Lauren, who was later revealed to be her daughter.

The day was characterized by dozens of pictures unusable due to sun flare.

The day started out well, and we were excited and nervous.

Also, the sun was really, really in our eyes.

The annual celebration of "Filling Out Your Paperwork" begins.

It's an exciting time where you try to remember who published your play.

Vice President Mark struck many heroic poses like this one to "inspire the troops."

Chanel and Cara, being inspired.

Lindsay, filming her documentary, "How to Eat Lunch."

Tori, filming her documentary, "How to Look Surprised Someone's Taking Your Picture."

Lauren, filming her docu.. ah never mind, this joke's getting old.

One shot, so many different motivations.

Garry took approximately 17 billion "MySpace" style pics.

It was Karly's birthday. Everybody wanted in on the media frenzy.

Vince, Sarah, and Nichol plot a troupe takeover with Mr. G.

Some binder being put away. Honestly people, screen your shots before you give 'em to me.

Woop woop - a Critics' Choice award, 6th year in a row! 6172 in day house! Or some over "street" phrase from 2002!

Rosie and Lauren are proud Critics' Choice mimes.

Me, looking like I didn't shave that morning. (FYI, I did.)

Even the chairs were happy.

As the evening wore on, I realized the sun was going down and we didn't have a group pic yet.

But, just like the beginning of the day, the sun was in our eyes and we all suffered severe retinal damage and died.

I made an inspirational speech about eating dinner at Taco Bell.

Mark, squirreling away as much dinner as possible in his cheeks to survive the approaching winter months.

I'm not sure what Cara and Rosie were scheming here.

A clip from "Acrophobia" the winning Critics' Choice Pantomime.

Lauren Vanhelden and Mark also won Critics' Choice but they didn't take any pictures of them holding up their scripts or anything.

Halfway through, Rosie and Lauren realized they had forgotten to put chairs out, so their roller coaster ride became a log flume ride.

The trophy.

Lauren's Mom was was so overcome with joy that Rosie pinched her nose.

Trophy again.

It looks nice, but the trophy is actually quite pungent.

Garry, looking like Wes Ford circa 2005.

Bradley, looking like Bradley circa 2009.

General celebration amidst news that Alex has been proclaimed King of Burgers.

Alex's wretched subjects, trying to survive under Alex's cruel reign.

Nature Coast Technical HS where IE's took place.

Natalia, effectively demonstrating the standard picture pose.

Me, thoughtlessly elbowing Miss Taylor in the head.

Moriah, launching into a long, breathless, rambling story that no one will understand.

Natalia and Vanessa fight to the death.

While the troupe was hanging out, Karly was shouting "I'm an airplane! I'm an airplane!" to anyone who would listen.


Vince and Caitlyn strut about town.

"Chamber Music" rehearsal.

They're all CRAZY, see. Except Lauren/Amelia Earhart.

But she's dead. Oops.

Vanessa, doing her Vanessa thing.

OMG ... they're all wearing the same shirt. What are the odds?

Garry and Kasey are in fact, Beyond Therapy. (get it? ahahaha)

Vince and Caitlyn both Dare to be Scene.

Phillip need a (need please) Phillip need a (need please) Phillip need a (loaf of love).