State Competitions, 2008

April 18-21, 2007

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Pictures by Cailyn Quevedo ('08), Alex Reuille ('10), Brandon Armstrong ('08) & Lauren Bates ('09).  Captions by Mr. G

The view from the Tampa Convention Center is lovely.

Just make sure you use the posted crosswalks. Or there'll be trouble!!

Mrs. Ross volunteered to chaperone us for all three days. Thanks!!

Susan, Cailyn, and two Laurens are formally welcomed to the conference.

Christoph and Brett Michaels from Poison are crushing someone to death here.

Awww, it's okay. It's just Jessica.

Lauren Bates was thrilled that her idol, Mick Jagger, was selected as this year's t-shirt and program model. Meanwhile, a local cabby looks on.

Here, Cailyn channels the spirit of the letter "A" while Susan looks dramatically into the distance.

We were so amazing that some documentary group took a video of us. And, uh, thousands of other Thespians - but STILL, probably because we rock.

Karly wanted to join Ariana and Josh, but Rosie was disgusted by the whole idea. Karly then jumped into Tampa Bay in despair.

This picture makes me really REALLY curious as to what Mary was seeing in her drink.

Lauren's collapse due to heatstroke was not met with sympathy.

You probably don't know this, but I'm pretty loud when I laugh.

While the troupe was distracted, Mary made her move.

Kelsey and Jessica won a SUPERIOR in Duet Acting! Yayyyyyyy!!!!

Tanner is unsure of what to make out of Andrew's zen-like focus.

Kids at plark.

You wouldn't think it, because Cailyn is so little, but she can eat ... a LOT.

Moriah and Miss Taylor : BFFs.

Friday was a good day. :o)

Rosie, Mark, Josh, and the first member of their entourage following them.

"The Tarantino Variation" is so crazy!

Lauren, presenting her Publicity Design. Nothing was referred to as "the butt."

Ariana, wondering how much SHE could get paid for slapping some paint on a canvas randomly.

Lauren, before swallowing Cailyn and her camera whole.

Brandon met Jonathan Rand, the playwright who wrote Brandon's character in "Check, Please" Super-cool!

Chanel pauses before offering Mary some fashion advice.

Why is this picture so awesome?

Josh, Mary, Kelsey and Christoph hanging out before the Dance.

All dressed up for the final evening's events, and posing "Brady Bunch" style.

Rosie, without a piece of technology to keep her distracted before Showcase and the Dance. OH NOES

Dance rules of "keep at least a 20 foot distance between partners" were strictly enforced.

Uhhhhhhhh .......

The party was so wild that Reverend Hale had to visit Mary to find out what was wrong.

The Dance. It was so wild!

Troupe 6172. Proud to be Thespians!