District Competitions 2008

February 2, 2008

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What a great trip to Districts!  92% of all acts earned a "Superior" or "Excellent!"  Thanks to all the picture takers this time around.  You rule!

Pictures by Mary Powell ('08), Alex Reuille ('10), Brandon Armstrong ('08).  Captions by Mr. G

It's Mary, taking a picture, of someone ELSE taking a picture. It's crazy!

It's early morning on Saturday, Groundhog Day. We slowly shamble about the Drama room getting ready.

Lauren was ready to go, though!

Once we got into Land o' Lakes High we realized we would be competing at distinct disadvantage: everything would be performed at a Dutch angle.

Susan took time out of her busy "fill out paperwork three times" schedule for this quick picture.

Katherine opened up the competitions with her signature "morning howl" and we were ready to begin.

Miranda led the group in a "tai chi" demonstration. Again at Dutch angle.

Angel was so overcome with awe and energy that she swiftly fell asleep.

Cayla, before she realized that the pool for the high dive was not filled.

Thankfully, Christoph broke Cayla's fall, and was then nursed back to health by Chanel.

Chrissy even caught up with former WCHS Thespian Kim Morin, who has sinced got herself rezoned to WRHS, to help found our neighboring troupe!

For some bizarre reason I didn't realize until afterwards, my arms and shoulders appear to be following the dark line of the mural behind me.

Miss Taylor, our super co-sponsor helped keep watch over the cafeteria to ensure no nonsense was taking place!

Susan and Cailyn practiced "Agnes of God" outside in the courtyard to a very limited audience.

Cayla, Katherine and Alex like to sit down hunched in courtyards. Here they are doing just that.

Miranda, and Miranda's Mom hanging out between scenes at the Duet Acting room.

Mrs. Ross, Jessicuppy and Josh hanging out.

We were all hanging out after the events watching for the Critics' Choice and watching them get posted one by one.

All of them were up, except Tech and Ensemble Acting. Then Tech came up. Not us, d'oh!

So we just hung out and posed for random group shots. This is random group shot #1,741 out of the many I received.

But wait! Karly, Andrew and Chrissy won! They won Ensemble Acting - Best in District!

Tanner was all, "Egad! I say! A Critics' Choice! I say, well done old boys!"

Here's actual photographic proof that we won. Woop woop!

Lindsay, doing some last minute cramming while listening to her motivational iPod tracks.

Mary made an impassioned speech about success, and recounted the successes of the troupe in an epic ballad celebrating our latest victory.

Josh was like yeah, epic ballad, okay. That's uh, pretty good.

Miranda was so tired that she actually literally fell asleep in the hallway.

Christoph, Josh, and Mary performing their ad lib scene, "Whose Flamingo Is It Anyway?"

The Exec Council of 2008, all in one place at a public event, in blatant defiance of strict troupe rules designed to dissuade assassination attempts.

Our troupe stands for two things: 1. Peace, and 2. Cool aerial photography.

Another cool high-angle photo.

Cailyn met up with former 6172 troupe member Michael Moran, who is now a Wiregrass Ranch VIP. He even has a "power beret" to show it!

The scenic LOLHS "gymatorium" where we would be kicked out, mid-closing ceremonies so the girls' basketball team could play.

Katherine, and somebody pointing at her program. Photographic gold!

I was just standing there, and Alex took my picture. I'm like, "Get away from me, Alex." And he didn't!

So I pulled a Sean Penn. Bam! Problem solved.

Then we went to Closing Ceremonies.

We sat in neat rows and applauded at the right times.

Andrew, Karly and Chrissy performed "The Tarantino Variation" at the Closing Ceremonies.

The fluorescent water pistols had to have their triggers glued shut, and I had to check them in with the District Chairperson. >.>

Chrissy, holding the cool Ensemble Acting trophy that now lives in the Drama room.

Andrew, going OG with his ribbons and buttons yo?

Then it was time to go home.

Rosie did that trick where she unhinges her jaw and then snaps it back into place.

There was much hugging.