State Competitions, 2007

April 18-21, 2007

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Woo hoo!  We actually have pictures this year!  Want more pictures of YOU cause you went to States and don't see yourself?  Mail 'em to me, and I'll put 'em in!  : )

Pictures by Jessica Olarte ('08).  Captions by Mr. G

Ah, good ol' crazy States.

Released from the confines of our school to descend upon Tampa "en masse!"

At the lovely Tampa Convention Center, we surged - over 6500 Thespians strong!

Weird art sculptures abound.

Like this thing.

All of the safety courses we took come in handy as we proudly push WALK buttons to cross streets legally and safely.

There's a big rampy thing on Channelside Drive right in front of the Center.

Here, Kristina "spots" Kelsey as she carefully makes her way down said ramp.

And then Kristina comes skipping merrily down.

Stephen was hit upon by approximately 1400 Thespian girls. "Your hair is so a)cute! b)adorable! c)amazing!"

However, both Stephen and Kyle were quickly declared "Out of Service" because they were too amazing.

Then everybody got trapped in a mirror box.

Wes slid down a bannister in search of help!

Stephen did, too, trying to hold on, breaking 6 ribs and an ankle in the process.

Kristina had to turn to self-cannibalism to survive.

Serene, Bewildered, and Groovy.

This is one of about 1700 pictures featuring some combination of Jessica, Kelsey, and Kristina.

Stephen toyed with the idea of growing a moustache.

Wes tries to teach Stephen to Riverdance. (unsuccessfully)

Kelsey hangs out at bayside.

Jessica, Kelsey and Irene all show up wearing the same shirt. (Fashion Disaster!)

Stephen acquires a Super-Seiyan apprentice.

Jessica and Kristina both clearly brush regularly.

There was impromptu guitar playing, with proceeds benefiting Broadway Cares, of which we are regularly a huge contributor.

Wes is blithely unaware that he has a napkin.

Uh ...

Practicing the "Anything For You" scene, I guess.

Kyle, shortly after he was declared insane.

We took over the Small Group Musical room and ran it with an iron fist.

Kristina was charged with telling jokes and keeping the waiting crowd entertained.

Irene, surprised to find that Jessica had somehow sprouted out of her right ear.

Irene and Wes, who had turned into a pirate.

Extreme closeup of Kelsey and an adoring fan.

The last of the Shakespeare casts (plus Rachael, unpictured).

Another escalator shot. In cas, you know, you were running low on pictures of escalators.

Everybody was getting really tired.

Grad Nite was the night before. And there plenty of people who were on their 40th hour of being awake.

Including Stephen, who kept drinking from some energy drink.

Half of the troupe tried to sleep in an upstairs waiting area.

A nutrition meal designed to get our Troupe members back into top fighting shape!

"6172 in Ketchup" c)2007

Then we dressed up for the evening. Then the world exploded. ~~FIN~~