Winter One Acts, 2007

November 15 & 16, 2007

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So many pictures!  We had a total of six casts performing four plays, and a total of over 70 students involved!  We had a good time mixing Comedy and Tragedy in our One Acts this year.  Thank you to everyone who worked hard.  It was fun.  : )

Pictures by Cailyn Quevedo ('08).  Captions by Mr. G

Behind the Scenes

Kelsey, doing some stuff with some thing.

Josh and Amanda, making a stump that we'll never use.

Christoph often breakdances while painting, as pictured here.

Cayla would just cover herself in brown paint and then roll up and down the doors to save time.

Ashley was all "No, I'll just use a roller brush thank you."

Mary was priced to move, at only $.29/pound, as evidenced by the Chiquita banana sticker.

Wow, we actually know how to use sewing machines?

Chanel finds sewing machine too modern, and likes to handstitch everything as though it were 1820. She's always saying things like "Back in 1820...."

Wait, and there's a GUY who knows how to use a sewing machine?

Chrissy, extremely focused on hangers.

Karly's natural hair.

Alexa and Chloe play with watercolors.

Makeup crew Jessica applies foundation to Katherine.

Lauren gets Danique ready to yell at people.

Chloe does some makeup thing or whatnot with somebody.

Andrew and Lexi play "peekaboo" behind our new costume rack.

Program folding IS, in fact the most popular thing to do every show.

People line up for hours to get a prestigious slot on the Folding Crew.

13 Reasons Not to Be in a Play (Drama I, One Cast)

In "13 Reasons Not to Be In a Play" there are only 13 reasons not to be in a play.

Not 15. There were originally 15, but that play was amazingly long. No, really. L-O-N-G.

People like Viktoria here are dressed up in clever different colors.

Much like "The Wiggles" which is, I understand, a popular show among young teens today.

Kasey here learned all of her lines in about 2 weeks to replace somebody at the last minute.

Jonathan is the center of the universe, and Noemi and Ashley live to orbit him.

Here, Caitlyn stands at a jaunty pose while Lauren and Kasey are all "yah, whatev."


The Booby Trap (Acting 2 & 3, Two Casts)

Katherine, before Brandon done blowed up.

Really sad. Here Ariana comforts Brandon.

Alana is actually a registered nun in 4 states. Just not Florida, so we had to get a waiver.

Cailyn is actually a Marine. No, really.

"Four Thespians and a nun walk into a theater ..."

Lots of violence takes place backstage.

Here, Sydney and Ariana demonstrate ... choking?

Andrew's cool with the hug, but I don't think Ariana's feeling it.

Danique and Sydney actually attended saluting training with Mr. Simmons.

Here's the other cast.

They did pretty much the same things, but 24 hours before that other cast you've been reading about.

It's crazy!

Megan and Mark make, if not a perfect couple, a very yellow couple.

Lexi goes feral.

And bites Catherine on the side of the head.

Ashley pleaded for everyone to remain calm.

Taylor, in what appears to be a completely candid picture.

You see, the tape on the uniforms entirely disguises the fact that the uniforms are from two different branches of military service. No one can tell!

Gaige, who was a darn fine Corporal.


The Love of Three Oranges (Thespians, One Cast)

It's an easy plot really.

The Prince is unhappy, so people make him happy. Like doing Jessica's thing here. Hilarious, right?

There's lots of gasping because things are surprising.

Well, this picture is 100% self-explanatory. No need for a caption.

Josh needs to whack Andrew really hard several times. To advance the plot, of course.

The Prince also rides the court jester offstage. Because that is hilarious, too.

Are you getitng the subtle layers of social commentary here yet?

There are three oranges, which represent three breakaway Soviet republics in the late 1980s.

The opening of the orange represents a loosening of control, or perestroika in these repupblics.

Here, Andrew represents the King who is in turn, a symbol of prosperity and danger. And that's why the plot is so easy!

This picture looks like it could be on a Dramatics magazine cover, no lie.

This one, well .... it's special in its own way. It's got, uh, Mark. He's got crazy hair! And a disco hairband! He's a 1600s Italian minstrel!

We used commedia dell'arte style makeup design, as Miranda portrays here.

Andrew stole the show with his amazing King characterization.

Picture #1,412 of Jessica and Kelsey together. :o)

Lindsay, after she washed her makeup off. Get it? Ahahahahaha!

The cast all together.

And the minstrels. Without whom the "Guitar Hero" guitars would not have made any sense at all.


Reservations (Acting 1, Two Casts)

Katie and Natalia are "aspects" or inner voices of the main character, who is on a date.

They offer her (Kayla) lots of helpful advice. Bradley's aspects are running late when the play starts.

Alex is actually a HUGE Steelers fan. In fact, I don't think he even cares for the Green Bay Packers at all.

Carly (left) is clearly a man. Who else would wear overalls?

Vanessa falls all over Lauren before finding out that she, too, is only dressed as a man.

Moriah, and that look she gets.

Some more of those crazy Aspects, only now from the Thursday night.

Chanel, going fetal.

Haleigh waits on Carly and Josh.

Here's a shot of the male aspects showing up. They fall in love with the female aspects. It's like Mufasa and Simba, and some Circle. Maybe.

Melissa, also a huge Steelers fan.

Liset and Alyssa were happy.

And in the end, like Katherina and Tiffany, we all lived happily ever after. The end.