Districts Competitions 2007

December 2, 2006 (One Act) & January 13, 2007 (Individual Events)

ONE ACT - Nature Coast Technical HS

Pictures by Jessica Olarte.  Captions by Mr. G.

Everybody files in to watch the One Act.

Now, the fun part of a One Act is this ...

There's no photography in the actual event room.

Well, what about picturing us at all the different places AT the One Act you might ask?

Good point, but with One Acts, there's only one performance room.

So we have lots of pictures like this of us hanging out in front of a brick wall.

Here, Steven is a fountain. Brilliant!

Kristina and Kelsey have lots of pictures together. They, in fact, submitted about 7,000,000 of them. Here's one at random.

Kelsey's Mom came and chaperoned the One Act. Thanks!!!

We got tired of the brick wall, and decided to hang out next to the parking lot.

Kyle is clearly thrilled about being in so many pictures.

Looking at each other.

Crazy kind of leaning pose here.

Crazy kind ... of ... I don't know, thing.

Kelsey, getting all dolled up for Brandon's impending advance.

Some people's .... feet. Oh, and an arm.

Boy, that floor's shiny.

And then Kristina ate the entire universe. The end.



Pictures courtesy of Jessica Olarte.  Captions by Mr. G.

Kelsey's like "Hey!"

Jessica's like "Aaaagh!"

Kristina's like "Omigod!!"

Wes is all "I'm behind you!”

Wandering around, aimlessly, as we like to do at Districts.

Still waiting for word as to whether or not Brandon got the “high five” he was looking for here.

Standing in a cool, awkward half-circle.

Angela starts that brand-new dancing craze that everyone soon began to call, “The Angela.”

The “Thoroughly Modern Millie” group posing.

And now a little something for their fans.

Cara often felt overwhelmed by the deep emotional lyrics of “Forget About the Boy,” and would stand quietly off to the side.

Megan and Kelsey, standing.

Either MIranda is very tall, or everyone else is very short.

Ariana and Cara select their favorite snack object from their vast array of available snacks.

Jessica and Irene. Irene won a Superior in Publicity Design!

Megan, delighted by the discovery of another dimple in her left cheek.

Pedro and Bobby are exactly as gangsta as they appear in this picture.

A blurry sign which really sums it all up, you know. Wow, that’s pretty deep.

Us, trying to move along in the line before Rachael fell asleep.

There’s such a wide array of emotions in this one picture. And Kristina has her mouth wide open again.

You know what’s better than sitting down quietly in your seats? Getting READY to sit down quietly in your seats!

Shortly after, Wes and Stephen performed their Critics’ Choice in Duet Acting. It was marvelous.