2006 One Act Festival

January 24, 2006

4 plays, 2 hours, hilarity ensues.

Pictures by Krista Holloman ('06).  Captions by Mr. G


The only existing pic of "Competition Piece" by Drama I performers. Don't they look hippyish?

Lisa and Alex in a scene from "X."

It's my guess that Amanda Barfield will never win "Mom of the Year" with this play behind her.

Alex and Lexi before they kind of, um, die.

"Oh, About That" is about more than cowboys.

It's also about an ensemble group that grows to hate Mr. Producer. Note Malissa's look of dismay.

This picture of me showcases just how tall our proscenium is.

Denise and Katy, at a podium which isn't actually stolen from the White House.

"Presidents!" - our attempt at making the "world's worst educational musical ever."

And oh, how we succeeded. Stephen portrays Jim Shakespeare.

Jessie and Chad in the timeless musical, "I Chopped Down the Cherry Tree (But I Swear It Was in Self Defense)

See those low-budget stage flats. It's hard to believe they were made in just a few hours. Well, maybe not so hard.