District Competitions, 2006

January 14, 2006

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Oh wow, 12 Superiors, 13 Excellents.  We score an Excellent and/or Superior in EVERY single event offered (that's 12 of them.)  AND we walk away with the Critics' Choice in Duet Acting, and District Representative in Pantomime.  Who rocks hard?  Oh yes, that would be us.

Pictures by Jon Blacklidge ('06).  Captions by Mr. G

Some would interpret my attempt to swallow my entire first as a desperate cry for help. Others, just that I was tired and yawning.

We really are at our most vibrant and most lively at 7 in the morning on Saturdays.

Desiree, laughing in the middle of the room, for ... some reason.

Dez B and Johora - ready for whatever the day of competitions holds!

Good Lord, my mouth looks big in this picture. Does it always look like that?

The obligatory group picture. Go us!

Stephen knows the secret to awesome acting is ... awesome paperwork. Oh yeah! Whoo!

Erin gets so lost in character at times that she needs to double-check her nametag to remember who she truly is. Is this a nametag I see before me?

After years of editing pics from Thespian events, I've learned that sometimes it's best not to ask questions.

Starlett and Marc in a brief prayer, or perhaps kneebending exercise, before competition.

Stephanie, after the tragic monologue incident in which she lost both hands.


One of these gang members is not like the other, one of these gang members is not quite the same ...

Katy sternly disciplines a contrite Sean and Adrian.

Miranda's like "No way" and Megan's like "Yeah!" and Londa's like "Yuh huh" and Marc's like "What's that?"

Zico, Meredith, and Stephen aka "the cool kids" let Wes know he needs to keep walking by the cool kid lockers. Erin looks on helplessly.

Here, Erin tries to desperately warn a disbelieving Katy that Anakin has turned to the dark side, and is lurking behind her.

Johora, relaxing. Megan, relaxing. Heather, walking away. This is definitely a good pic. It's, um, symbolic of something. Or not.

Desiree turns away as Sean turns into the Flash and blurs away into the distance.

Again with the hugging.

And the looking.

Stephanie, Marc and Megan at a last-minute competition strategy meeting.

In the distance, you can see me and our two chaperones - Jessie's Mom and Starlett's Mom. Thanks to both moms!!

The alligators depicted were, in fact, not real.

We led the District in "Standing and Sitting Around" with a perfect troupe score of "100."

Miranda, Megan and Stephanie - and that's a backpack on her, not a Girl Scout sash.

After we learned we earned 12 Superiors and 13 Excellents I had the "You rule!" meeting immediately afterwards.

We noticed that we were the only troupe yelling and celebrating and carrying on. This observation did not prevent us from yahooing.

"Take a knee!" I said. Speaking these two words on this occasion is the closest I will ever come to being a football coach.

Kelly, clearly disturbed that Londa is keeping her up on the van ride home.

We were ebullient, effervescent, and yea - perhaps even scintillating on our rides home.

A set design that did not fare well on the ride home. This is the "Post-Hurricane" version of "I Hate Hamlet."

Wes kept saying, "Whoa, what happened? Man ... did you guys leave without me? Aw dang." He says stuff like that.

Stephen, before he ate his paperwork in triumph.

The end of our journey found us ecstatic with way too much energy in the Drama Room.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh- hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah!!!

Pictures of victory abounded. There are about 12 more I didn't include.

Claire, with her "Joan of Arcadia" cool look.

A lovely set design.

The post-celebration at Applebee's.

I don't know what's funnier here - Adrian's "Mt. Rushmore" profile, or Jessie's complete look of obliteration.

Happy happy.

And finally, a pic with Johora - and Jessie before she ascended into the heavens in a great flash of light.