State Competitions, 2005

April 7-9, 2005

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Oh yeah, TWO (count'em) TWO Superiors, a spot in the Mime Showcase, and the only Student Director from our District.  States can be sweet.

Pictures by Jaclyn Marchisella ('05) & Sean Davies ('06).  Captions by Mr. G

Jaclyn, saving Sean from death at the hands of the City Deli.

The obligatory fake-violence shot. Denise looks really concerned.

I've never really noticed what an interesting shape Sean's head is.

Jessie: "You can't really see it unless you're looking for it, right Tanya? Right? ... Tanya?"

Some of our Thespians sitting down doing something.

Tanya is somewhere between mischievous and wistful in this picture.

Patrick, in his dramatic shadowy, 80's band "Queen" type pose.

I wonder what the newspaper says. It says "READY TO" but then I can't make out the rest.

Patrick walks the plank.

Marissa and Sean at our favorite food hangout at States.

Elizabeth, Wes, and Tisa all "taste the magic" that is the City Deli!

Jaclyn, Marissa, and Elizabeth made their own "Hello, Dolly!" t-shirts.

Aren't they cool?

Jaclyn has a cool Orange "President's" badge. It's orange.

We also got to be doorkeepers. We watched doors. And timed things.

We were voted "Most Cuddlable Troupe" at States. Aren't we just so Care-Bearish?

You can pick your friends, and you can pick your teeth, but you can't pick your friend's teeth.

Patrick, and the completely not-annoying mini guitar he got sick of playing about halfway through the day.

Group picture, with us in the weird poses we strike when somebody says, "I'm taking a picture!"