One Act, Jan 2005

January 13, 2005

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Our first One Act performance is really a few shows in one: some scenes from Districts, Tanya's "Who Let the Dogs Out?" and the play we'll enter into competitions (and score 2nd place in Tech Theater for, aw yeah!) "The Lottery."

Pictures by Mr. G.  Captions by Mr. G

Hilarity began with trying to get the door frames out from the Graveyard o' Door Frames

Look closely.

Courtney and Alley during rehearsal

Did they ever actually finish making any bead bracelets?

Old Man Warner, he's older than you! (thanks to Marissa & Ashley's beard technique!)

Jaclyn, the one official Makeup Crew member for our One Act. Go crew!

Ashley, a cut-up biker beard sewn to fabric, spirit gum, and Chad.

I'd like to say that Deon tied that tie on his own. But, um ...

Jeremy was watching the play and he was like, "Oh man! This is so intense!!!"

The key here was to perfectly match Patrick's beard to his hair color.

What makes everything funnier? That's right, beards!

This "Mere Mortals" sketch looks eerily like Mount Rushmore.

Overtones with cool "Lottery" style gear.

The Mount Rushmore effect again. It's like "The Founding Fathers proudly present Overtones"

Meredith and Kelly. Meredith is so amazingly MEAN at this role!

Katy and Erin. They're sitting there. It's wacky!

Deon is ... The Presenter With a Pipe.

Ashley and Denise are gingerbread ladies or something. I don't know. I didn't read the script.

I think they were mad because Denise ate the last gingerbread house. Or something.

Kristen backstage just waits for her chance to show off that great gift basket to her daughter.

Few people know that Deon and Kevin are actually the dynamic duo behind the door slams of "Dogs."

Time for bed. Yawn! So ... comfortable ...

Professor Marchisella has a pipe. A pipe with duct tape.

The pipe is a little: not good. It smelled like old tobacco, bubble bath, and was covered in Frankel's spittle.

Yeah. It was a gross pipe. But a great performance. Go, Jaclyn!

Mrs. Watson and Mrs. Dunbar, making chitchat before the ritual stoning.

But wait, where did they come from?

These men look all right. But where did they come from? Where's the tractor?

For instance, perhaps Erin's character should have walked in with a half-baked pie and showed the audience.

Red? Red yarn?! That symbolizes blood! What were we thinking??

Where's the relief? Where's the: Oh my God! I'm so relieved! Watch me throw up my arms!

Not enough anguish! Do a double-flip onto a trapeze and announce to the world: I shall be stoned!!

Pick up 40 rocks each! I once saw a production of this 60 years ago and it was Magnificent!!! Be like them!!!

The pain of adjudication was only matched by beard removal.

Oh yeah, that's the stuff. See Marissa's sympathy?

*sob* This isn't fun no more! I wanna go home!

This is a cool "Noises Off!" style pic. One day, we'll do that play. Probably.

"Please, sir. Please, me mom. Me mom's terrible sick. She can't move her leg, sir. Please. Please, just a copper?"

Kristen and Courtney, from the "Who Let the Dogs Out?" cast.

David, petrified with fear at the slamming of the bedroom door.

Mr. G (me) in the good old rocking chair.

I'd say it's a "Prairie Home Companion" moment, but I think only 6 people nationwide listen to it.

The zombie version of "Mere Mortals" retitled "Mere Immortals"

The man behind the curtain, the great and powerful Zico.