District Competitions, 2005

December 4, 2004 (in 2004, but for the 2005 States)

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So we scoop up our first Performance Critics' Choice!  Oh ya!  We're also District Representatives for Playwriting and Student-Directed Scene.  And most importantly, a good time was had by all.

Pictures by Zico's Dad.  I think.  At least, most of the original 102 pics were of him playing his guitar.  So it was either Zico's Dad or somebody with an unhealthy Zico obsession.  Captions by Mr. G

Early in the morning, it begins.

A room of bleary-eyed Thespians doing crazy things like looking up their scenes' publisher on the internet.

Chad warms up the crowd, telling the heartwarming story of how he was rescued from a well when he was young.

Mr. G gives his annual inspirational speech on "the buddy system" to warm up the Thespian team.

Dun dudda dun dun ... dudda dun dun (cue 'Death Star' march music from the original Star Wars series. (the one that didn't suck)).

Land o' Lakes High. This is where legends will be written.

And where people will sit on the tile floor somewhat uncomfortably, waiting to write those legends.

I wonder what they were talking about. Thespian things is my guess.

"From across a crowded room, their eyes met. He was a young man, in a crowd, yet so desperately alone. The December air chilled the hall."

One of the few shots we got of Grace before she left to go back to Citrus High School, after just one semester.

"It was a deep well, see, and my leg was jammed up above my head."

Erin is tragically unaware that she will not be given "extra time" to find her dueling pistol in this epic showdown with V.

In every collection of Competition photos, there is always one where somebody pretends to hit somebody else. This is that picture.

You see, what both Zico and Patrick understand is if you want to be serious musicians you have to seem both disaffected and intense at the same time

It's all funny until somebody gets hurt.

(Then, of course, it's hilarious.)

What really sells this picture is the aligned curvature of Chad and Sean's spines. Almost, but not quite Montgomery-Burnsesque.

Jessie, Jon, Ashley and Chad watch while Sean pantomimes opening a jar of pickles.

No, you see what you want to do is go back to the Monologue room, take your second left, go up the stairs, and then take a short jog to the right ...

Stephen is actually 17 inches shorter "sans" mohawk.

"Like to dedicate this song to someone you might have heard of... people thought he was a little crazy... died for all of us... Napoleon Bonaparte."

One picture, so many distinct emotions.

This is where Erin realizes that Matt has been lying and Felix Unger is, in truth, actually a male character.

When Mr. G jokes, people laugh. Ohhh how they laugh.

Deon and Jessie demonstrate their suggested "Official Troupe Salutes" to Tanya.

Chad and V... rehearsing their scene? What, has the whole world gone crazy-cuckoo?? Whaaaa?

"...you put your right foot in, then you shake it all about..."

OK, so Patrick and I have gotten lots of requests on how to do the Thespian Dance. Pay attention now. First, you take one step to the right.

Close your feet together.

Then you take one step left.

Swing your arm in a dorky fashion. (Swinging arm ad-lib as necessary)

For advanced dancers only: grapevine left or right. If you don't know what 'grapevine' means don't try it. Really. It'll be too hard.

Back together, to the left.

Now, find a friend! Have them join in! Continue until the whole world is 'Thespian Dancing.' Or until you get sick of it. I don't really care.

Hey, look it's Mr. Frankel!

Quick, everybody look busy! (That's Mrs. Lane too - one of our excellent Chaperones)

Here, Mr. Frankel assures Matt that "Hamlet" is, in fact, a kosher performance.

Tanya's Mom, Mrs. Follick, also chaperoned. Thanks!

(cue "Brady Bunch" 'trip through the department store' music.)

Deon brings both the funk and the groove to Elizabeth's upcoming performance.

Mr. G, and newly appointed "theatening henchman" Zico hold the "surprise, there's no dinnertime" meeting.

Katy, clearly disappointed that all of her agonized preparing for the day's events is now over.

Zico, with 1 of only 2 "electric pink" badges (given for Student Directing) given at Districts. He also scored a Superior.

Zombie-V and Zombie-Deon prepare for the devouring of Tisa's immortal soul.

Closing Ceremonies, starring Elizabeth, Marissa, Tanya, Sean, and Chad (and 24 others, not pictured.)

Tanya and Sean ARE "going to the show." The Mime Show at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center in April, that is!

Seating was ample, yet crowded.

... packed, yet unpacked. Fruity yet piquant. Aromatic, with a hint of quince.

Kim, in a blurry "paparazzi" style attack shot.

The famed Critics' Choice Pantomime. Tanya is actually moving so fast on stage you can't see her. But the camera caught it.

Ahhhhhh CHOO.

Do-sa-do your partnah

And now for the stage kiss ...

Or not. If only I had a rewind button!

Oh wait, I do. That's the plot concept.


Desiree, Grace, Jon, and Shopkins earn an Excellent for their Pantomime.

Katy, with her Superior for Playwriting.

Kelly, also with the Superior for Playwriting.

That's Kelly up there for Superior in Publicity Design, and Zico's Superior for Student-Directed Scene. All in all, we ruled. Great job everyone!!