State Competitions, 2004

April 1-3, 2004

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We score the highest score in Troupe History ... a Superior and three Excellents!  Hoo-yah!!!!!!

Pictures by Lizz Buikema ('04), Rabecca Delestowicz ('04) & Marissa Moran ('06) Captions by Mr. G

Elizabeth, Jaclyn, Tiffany, Marissa, and Lizz strike poses for Closing Ceremonies.

Maybe we didn't win as many Superiors as every other troupe there ... but ... we're the tallest! So there!!

Elizabeth and Marissa in the publicity shot for "Weekend at Bernies 3" (starring Sean Davies as the corpse)

We're just so !@#$ positive. Whoo us!

Our troupe, and our complete inability to spell 6-1-7-2 out with our fingers.

Rabecca and what I'm assuming is a workshop teacher for one of the dance thingies she went to.

Libby 'n Patrick.

What Dana and I have in common is our talent for distorting our faces for every single picture we take.

Case in point. (That's me, and the mask I made at the Mask Workshop. I'm so talented! *koff*)

The Exec Council is really short. You know, I never really noticed that before. But there it is.

Woah, it's from the floor up!

Wow, the same trick again, but with more people!

The place for Closing Ceremonies and the end of States ... for this year!

Lizz took this picturesque picture somewhere in Downtown Tampa. It's a nice picture : )

The Superior Mariela and her professional costume design carrying case. Go, Mariela!

Jay, in a last ditch effort, convinces Amanda that life is worth living. (He succeeds)

Amanda shows off that trick where she rotates her head around 360 degrees.

Amanda, Rabecca, and Eric show off some masks that aren't nearly as good as the ones we made at that workshop.

See? Tech Rules! (That's me, Mariela, and Eric)

Four Thespians, downtown Tampa, and plenty of time.

Fun at Closing Ceremonies