One Act 2004: "Go Ask Alice"

January 23, 2004

Okay, it's true.  The One Act version was ... not well received.  By us, or by the judges.  We loved the full version, but hated the One Act version.  Yet, we stick by what we pledge to do; and we signed up for it, so we did it.

The Simon Cowellesque judge summed it up the best, in opening remarks,

"I don't really know what to say, it's hard to judge you.  The script is just really, really bad.  Trying to do this script is like getting thrown into an ocean with concrete blocks strapped to your legs.  You're there, trying hard, but it's like you're waving your arms around and there's nothing you can do.  It's all exposition, exposition, exposition ... there's no character, no interaction, and nothing you can build on."

Word, Mr. Judge.

Pictures by Mr. G and V Ortega ('05).  Captions by Mr. G

Jaclyn "thanking" me for bringing Alice back to life for the One Act competition.

Patrick really sells this mock "Ouch, so heavy!" setup, in the background.

The whole One Act crazy gang of us. Hey - regardless of whatever score we get, we're still the first! Take THAT suckahs ...

We knew there was something wrong when we ... um ... looked at the script. But then Ryan's car had to get jumped as we tried to leave. Problem #1.

They mismarked the 6' x 9' set storage rectangle as a 6' x 6' square. It was also very, very, very, dark with lots of creepy side "nooks" everywhere.

Frank & Patrick blew out a tire in the car on the way up. On the way back, Patrick smacked his pickup truck (with our set in it) into a car. Oh yeah!

Glorious Don Jones theater. It was filled when we performed. Very filled.

Micah, the gaffer, forgot his script and somehow inherited a scuffed up CD.

Makeup time. Here, we are in our element. Nothing goes wrong here. This will be the happiest 20 minutes of our time at Don Jones theater.

Kolumbo wipes away tears of joy at finally "making it."

Marissa Morgan and Rachel Lee Manyo, Makeup Artists for hire.

Sean said "Ah, don't take this picture." Tanya laughed. I did. .... "I feel pretty .... ohhhhh so pretty ....."

Deon has a tie. He tied it himself! (I think)

Marissa's Mom drove, and was a really good morale booster the whole way.

Did that masking tape just move? Oh wait, I used that joke already.

Not only did we get locked out of loadout, but we got a misprinted plaque that apparently belongs to Troupe 6182. We rule!!!!

One Act: "Go Ask Alice"  1:00pm
Final Score:  "GOOD"
Cast & Crew
 Alice Aberdeen  Jaclyn Marchisella
 Alexandria Aberdeen  Rabecca Delestowicz
 Helen Aberdeen  Dana Bomgardner
 Douglas Aberdeen  Deon Puigdomenech
 Tim Aberdeen  Sean Davies
 Jill Peters  Amanda Sanborn
 Gloria  Libby McCleland
 Jan Fujara  Marissa Moran
 Bill Thompson  Ryan Grantham
 Chris Vetrano  Lizz Buikema
 Joe Driggs  Kevin Kimble
 Joel Reems  Patrick Coy
 Stage Manager
 Light/Sound Tech
 Stage Crew #1
 Stage Crew #2
 Stage Crew #3
 V Ortega
 Micah Sieben
 Jessica Etter
 Eric Manuelian
 Frank Freeman
 Makeup #1
 Makeup #2
 Makeup #3
 Rachel Lee Manyo
 Marissa Moran
 Tanya Follick