District Competitions, 2004

January 24, 2004

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Not one, but TWO Critics' Choices this times around.  Add to that 10 excellents, and 13 other performances with lotsa potential for next year, and we are officially in this competition game.  When are those 2005 Districts??

Pictures by Mr. G, Amanda Sanborn ('04) and V Ortega ('05).  Captions by Mr. G

This is Central Florida Community College. It's also my establishing shot for this picture series. Oh yeah.

I waited for Tanya's event. Here she is (early on) next to a copy of her script before getting judged. We waited for the door to open ...

But it wasn't!! We got really bored waiting there so we took the classic "I'm so bored" pics to document the extra HALF HOUR we waited.

Ha ha ha, yeah, we were so bored. We also missed seeing 3 other events because of this delay.

Here are costume designers Amy and Mariela after their events. Don't they look happy?

I saw Ryan Grantham standing alone, looking into the distance, and holding a script up by his face. Then he'd lower it. Then he'd raise it again.

Casie is just waiting to tell Libby and Dana that Graceland has actually been open for 43 years and neither one of them is there first.

Holy Dutch Angles, Batman!!

This is Jessica and Tisa's backside. They're rehearsing.

A re-enactment of the classic "Real Radio 104.1FM."

Tanya gets Critics' Choice for Playwriting!!

Christine and Ryan, relieving a scene from "Cinderella"

Jaclyn and Libby, co-Drama Queens for a day.

Elizabeth waits with the rest of the troupe to see if we have not 1, but 2 Critics' Choice. It'll never happen! (::dramatic tension::)

Oh! What's that? Mariela gets Critics' Choice in Costume Design! Besides getting to see that piece of paper in the window, she got a trophy.

All of us in the obligatory handicap ramp group photo. My arm is at a curiously hovering angle. I was mondo-happy, and proud. : )

Troupe 6172 Thespians with lobster bibs take over local restaurant.

The cast of the ensemble scene "Fables for Friends," which earned an Excellent.

Rusty was right. There IS always an obligatory gangsign-flashing pic!

Lizz! Is that you?? Oh. My. God! It is you!!!!!

So then he was like "Our troupe is better." And then Tiffany is like "Oh yeah? Well BAM!"

We'll never forget those three guys and how they touched our lives ... wait, what were their names?

Amanda beats out a dejected Eric in the "Who can lift Tisa?" competition.

If we ever release a CD, I think this should be the cover shot.

Lizz & Amanda doing something by someplace.

"OK now, everyone but Ryan, flash your butts at the camera ... ready, 1, 2, 3..."

So many punchlines, so little caption space ....

Micah stands guard, enforcing his "No Hugging Ordinance."

Our Prez & Vice-Prez believe in doing everything Dramatically.