States '03

Captions by Rusty "My brand-new fiancee stole Corey's class ring" Gillespie ('03)

We were all emotionally crushed that she wouldn't let us take the picture. Corey locked himself in a restroom stall for about thirty minutes afterward

What's wrong with this picture?

Patrick and Micah were caught off guard when I took this little picture of them.

A sad, empty, lonely convention center. This was taken during the three hour period in which V and Annette got ready for Closing Ceremonies.

Having been abandoned by Jaclyn, we realized the only way to get all eight of us to the Performing Arts Center was to all cram into the Gaud-Mobile. [

Once Micah saw this woman, he immediately started kissing her... nobody had the heart to tell the poor guy she wasn't real.

This was taken just before Lizz passed out, after having gone crazy and applied makeup to every guy she could find.


My attempt at a shot of our Troupe's own little section of the theatre.

At one point I thought it would be a fun idea for everybody to get on the escalator and pose for a picture... but this lady seemed to disagree.

The original broadway cast of "Arabian Nights".

While Patrick and I were busy changing for Closing Ceremonies later that night, Micah acquainted himself with this column.

My attempt at a shot of our Troupe's own little subsection of our Troupe's own little section of the theatre.

When we realized we only got a good, Corey and I took it upon ourselves to not only locate but beat up two people who had already received Superiors,

The girls that Micah, Patrick and I got rejected by. Goodtimes!

We were all quite relieved to be done with Closing Ceremonies. It ran a little long this year, clocking in at 16 precious hours of my life.

As directed, we all crossed the crosswalk in little blinking man fashion.

This is a nice shot of me and Micah dancing together. He and I both knew then that we were meant to be.

Rusty proposes to a fellow Thespian how makes some excuse, takes Corey's class ring, and moves her entire troupe far, far away

Then Rusty's Dad comes in and introduces himself as the father-in-law, and Rusty & Dad take a picture with her in clear violation of anti-stalker laws

The marina (V's favorite picture). This is the view from States competition!

Deon, before he jumped in after the dolphin.

We plan our eventual takeover of the WCHS Hackey Sack Club. (Target date 2024).

Alexis, looking oh-so-happy. Everyone loves getting their picture taken, right?