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For those who've been out of touch for a while, here are the last updates.

Kind of like a troupe diary.  But less interesting.

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"Annie Play Will Do" was one of our tightest, funniest, most professional performances of all time.  GREAT JOB to everyone who was involved!  With every play I've directed I've ended with a great sense of happiness, accomplishment, pride, but also relief that the work is over.  This is the first time I've ever come home late on a Friday night and said "Noooo ... I want to keep doing this one!  Over and over!  Let's do it again!"
It was wonderful to see Thespian Alums in the audience, including Alyssa Blackledge ('13), Kelsey Vinson ('13), Brianna Loviglio ('13), Aly Oquendo ('12), Julia Todd ('13), Aaron Schaefer ('13), and Melissa Sabalaske ('13) as well as Jessica Courchene ('12) and Alex Mapes ('13) working the show as Center for the Arts official staff!
I hope to add in pictures and member page updates this weekend once I shake off the sleepiness.

Closing Night!  One last time - let's do it!

It's Opening Night!  Come on out and SEE THE SHOW.
Also - Thespians are being honored at tomorrow's Pep Rally.  All Thespians, please make sure you're at the rally, and not at a holdback room.  : )  4/11 update: j/k.

Created the photo gallery for our trip to the 2014 States Thespian Festival.

Updated the formatting of the Competitions Encyclopedia pages.
Updated member pages to reflect States accomplishments.  Delaney Penn has earned her 50th Thespian Point and has been added to our Hall of Champions.
States is now complete!  We placed in 6 out of our 8 events - and earned new school records in Pantomime (Superior) and Student-Directed Scene (Excellent). 
You can check out the 2014 Competitions page for complete score results.
You can also check out the Competitions Encyclopedia to see the 6 events that have taken their place among our Hall of Fame.

Researched and filled in all of the "TBA" names in the Individual Awards for the 2014 Film Festival.

Draft versions of the Film Festival posters are up for proofing.

Formatting update to FF 2014 Nominees page.
Film Festival 2014 Nominees are now posted
Note: Most movies did not list technical work in their credits.  Since I didn't bring home all of the movie entry forms this means that some of the tech nominees are listed only by movie, with the person responsible listed as 'TBA'.  When I get back to school after Spring Break, I will look up each of the names and then list them online.
There were a great diversity of films this year.  We've never had such a wide array of film entries be nominated for awards.  It was really tough to pick out our nominees!
All nominated Best Picture films may re-edit and re-submit their entry by March 28, although we reserve the right to show the original film entered.

We got enough T-shirt pre-orders in, and I've sent off the order!  I've asked for a March 24th arrival date for the shirts (the Monday after Spring Break).

Thank you to the Thespians who helped put together Mr. McDermott's last day : )  For those who would like to rewatch his farewell video, it is available here.
Last day for T-Shirt orders is Monday!  We need 14 more pre-orders to get the shirts.

Cast & Crew T-Shirts are available!  Get your order form from Mr. G.  I must have 30 pre-orders to place the custom-designed order, or we'll skip the t-shirts for this play.  Get your pre-order in by Monday 3/3.

Since I'm at a District Office meeting on Thursday 2/20, there will be no play rehearsal that afternoon.   : (

It's been a while since the last update; we've been pretty busy!  Continuing rehearsals, set crew, publicity crew, and costume crew work on the Spring Play.  Workshops for States are continuing along nicely.  The new costume closets look great.  And bit by bit, I'm cleaning out old cabinets and reorganizing everything. 
Hey - you still have time to suggest a Spring Play logo.  Added to the idea bucket are: a zebra with a red wig ("Annie Zebra Will Do") and a cow standing in a field ("Annie Play Will Moo.")  Both are horrible ideas.  Yet, the pictures are fun to look at on the whiteboard.  Come on by and add yours.

Our next troupe Meeting is coming up during Homeroom on Wednesday 2/5.  Remember your "If Then" pledge from Districts - it's time to pay up!  I'll be ready with my scene.  Rock your black & white Thespian T and be there!

Good news - our Publicity Crew will be putting together another "Behind the Scenes" documentary for our Spring Play after last year's successful project.  We're hopeful to use some scenes for some clever play marketing, too.
We're also on the lookout for a clever "Annie Play Will Do" logo to use in our publicity and on our T-shirts.  Currently, the two leading suggestions are: a friendly, smiling cartoon gun wearing an Annie wig as it fires a bullet; and Mr. Monopoly.  Please send us your suggestions.  Please.

First Set Crew meeting today in years.  I forgot how much I love creating new set pieces!  In other news: our set crew rocks.  Just saying.

Thanks for the help!  We now have brand new costume closets installed in the Drama Room.  They look wonderful.  Be sure to "ooh" and/or "ahh" over them the next time you drop by.  : )
Crews are up on the "Annie Play Will Do" page.

I found out, just after 6th period that the NEW Costume Closets I've designed are coming in TOMORROW ... before 8:00am!  I need some Thespian help to unload our costume closets and move our lumber rack so they can set up our cabinets tomorrow morning.
If you can, please come by the Drama Room between 7:00-7:30am and help get the room ready for the installers. 
I'm really excited for this upgrade to our humble room and hope you, and any Thespians you can get in touch with, can come and help with the move.  It won't take long - and you'll be off to your regular 1st period class on time.  Any amount you can do will help : )

Thank you to EVERYONE who auditioned for the Spring Play, "Annie Play Will Do."  I truly respect your bravery and commitment - it's not easy to get up there!
Congratulations to everyone who joined our official Cast.  Our rehearsal schedule will always be on our Troupe Calendar - just in case you lose the orange schedule you received at the end of auditions.
To see who's on our 2014 Spring Play cast and design team check it out here.
Our design team will be choosing their backstage crews on Tuesday - and notifying all crew members by the end of next week.

Good luck to everyone auditioning tomorrow for the Spring Play!

Audition info for acting roles and applications for backstage roles are now available in the Drama Room (229).
All Thespians who are interested in being part of our awesome Design Team should see Mr. G by Wednesday 1/15.  I am looking for: Stage Manager/Light & Sound Designer; Costume Designer; Set Crew Chief; Props Designer; Makeup & Hair Designer; House Manager; and a Documentary Videographer.
Come up with artistic design ideas and put them into action with your own crew.  Good times!

1/7/2014 (lots of info!)
Don't forget - Troupe Meeting on Wednesday (tomorrow) in Homeroom!
Audition and backstage materials for the Spring Play are available tomorrow!
State Registrations closed today.  I had a couple incomplete packages that I wasn't able to process - and by incomplete, I mean entire missing pieces of paper, not just "Teacher's Name" left blank on the Transportation Release.  (Although a number of you didn't fill that part in - I guess I'll have to be sure to properly introduce myself.  I'm "Mr. Gaudet" btw)
Final list of attendees & competitors
Annalese, Alexis, Deysha, Emma, Jordan B, Kat, Brianna, Cassandra, Raven, Taylor, Shelby, Josh, Dixie, Manny, Delaney, Bryan, Kathryn, Dava, Gaby and Matthew.
I've dropped our Superior Pantomime "Night at the Museum" from States competition because only 1 of the 3 members have their paperwork in.  This means that all of our competitors are in my Period 4 class - so I'll meet with you all on Thursday during class.  No need to come in after school.
I need TWO CHAPERONES for our trip to States for our 8 unfilled Thespian seats.  Otherwise I will have to drop Thespians from our roster for the first time ever.  Please see me SOON.  (They are currently in our Registration package as 'TBA names' - so they already have their registrations paid for.  I'll just change their names later.)

Welcome to Part 2 of our 2013-14 Season!  It is going to be FUN.  And hard work.  Both things.
If you are going to States, remember to bring in ALL of your paperwork and fees on Tuesday.  Complete EVERYTHING before handing it in.
I will not accept incomplete or late paperwork; waiting an extra day for you will endanger our troupe meeting its registration deadline meaning NO ONE would be able to go.

Have updated the Troupe Calendar to reflect all Semester 2 activities and rehearsals.  Oh my, are we going to be busy.  Especially February and March.  Just look at it.

I hope you're enjoying your Winter Break.  I know I am!  Stay safe, Thespians - and I'll see you when the Spring Play, the Film Festival 2014, and the prep for States Competition starts up in January.

Updated individual member pages to reflect Districts.  Also, updated personal pics for 6 Thespians.
Updated the Hall of Champions to reflect our newest inductee, Brandon Blue-Eyes, who just earned his 50th Thespian Point!
Updated the Competitions Encyclopedia with new Hall of Fame scores and some additional pieces of advice on some events.
Updated the Photo Gallery with pictures from Districts.

Final Troupe Score
Congratulations to EVERYONE who went to this year's Districts Festival!  I'm super-tired and super-happy after a night of some of the best effort I've ever seen from us collectively as a troupe.
I mean it when I say that whatever your score (and we ranged from Fair to Critics' Choice) - I respect your spirit and effort, your professionalism, and the joy in making Drama that I saw out there today.
On Monday, come on by and see what the judges had to say about your scenes.  Take their notes in the spirit in which they are given - by adults who gave their life to Drama (just like you) - and who hope to inspire you to even greater heights the next time you tackle something.  I can also make copies for you if you'd like to take your notes home.
Results are here, including those events I have selected to represent us at the States Festival.
Pictures, Competition Hall of Fame updates, and individual page updates will come later.  I'm pretty sleepy right now.

Just got the Districts schedule this morning.  Here it is!
Troupe 6172 Schedule - Districts 2014
If you see any schedule conflicts; i.e. you're expected to be in two places at once please let me know by tomorrow morning!  The schedule is supposed to allow at least 15 minutes between any one person's events.

Think you know Thespian history?  Try out the new online crossword puzzle, Productions.  All answers are on this site!
Our next troupe meeting will be Wed. December 4th.  We'll do an official reading of the "If I" challenges our troupe members have put forth for this year's Districts, immediately followed by "Improvs With Tyler."

Keep working on those scenes and designs for Districts!  Don't forget to sign up for Workshops, or just drop by on Thursdays and get some feedback for your work.

New members from today's induction have been added to the Members Page.  Welcome, new Thespians!
There are a lot of Tech events enrolled across all troupes in our District this year.  If you are having second thoughts about your tech event, and would like to drop it without cost or penalty - please let Mr. G know by tomorrow 11/7.

Don't forget to support our fellow classmates in athletics by voting at to get our final rally of the year on TV.  Voting ends on Tuesday at 10pm.  You can vote up to a bajillion times (approximate) so you don't have to stop after just one vote.

Make sure you're at our November 6th troupe meeting during "A" Club.  We'll be inducting new members ... and officially announcing our Spring Play!

Final list of events is now posted.
Tomorrow is the last day make your Thespian Library Request for a play you'd like added to our troupe's lending library.  This is a great opportunity to get your Monologue, Duet Acting, or Ensemble Acting scene purchased and ordered for you.  Be sure you know a) where to buy it and b) how much the play costs.

Contested events are now over, and we have our official list of event signups.
You may drop an event, or change the title of any non-contested event by 2:00pm Monday 10/30 at no charge.  After that, we will be charged $20 for drops and $5 for changes - so make sure what you've signed up for is what you want!
Last call for your Contract, Transportation Release and Fee is 2:00pm Monday 10/28.  If I do not have all of your registration materials, you will be dropped from this year's competition.

Districts Signups are NOW CLOSED.  Monologue and Duet Acting are contested events; Thespians must audition for their right to represent WCHS at Districts this year.  Auditions will be held on Friday 10/25 from 2:00-when we finish.
Check out our official list of event signups, including who has submitted complete, valid registrations.
I'll be coming around on Friday to verify asterisks for potentially offensive entries, and the names of playwrights for Monologue, Duet Acting, and Ensemble Acting scenes.  Please be ready with the information!

All driving volunteers found.  Thanks!
Current Car Seats available : 32  (updated 10/25)
(4) Mr. Gaudet
(4) Miss Taylor
(4) Miss Blanco
(4) Ms. Heaton
(5) Ms. Gonzalez
(4) Ms. Andrews
(7) Ms. Barbour
While students may drive themselves, students may not transport others.  If you'd like to have a favorite family member (age 21 or over) volunteer, please ask them to fill out a volunteer application online.  Then, tell Mr. G in class.
All volunteer names are needed by Friday 10/25.  Thespians in excess of the car seats available will be dropped.

Updated member pages with 20 new member pics from the 2013 Comedy Show.

Updated member pages to reflect Comedy Show credits. 
Brianna Courchene and Tyler Temple have both earned their 50th Thespian Point and are now members of our Hall of Champions!

What a great Comedy Show!  I'm super proud of all of our shows - great work putting on what turned out to be our most successful Comedy Show ever!  We broke personal attendance records, and even ran out of printed tickets and programs on Friday night.  I'll have final audience numbers when I do all of the math next week.
Our 4th year version of "The Love of Three Oranges" was absolutely hilarious - and while they enjoyed the full version, the five-minute version had some of our audience members in tears laughing.  Nice job!
Pictures from the Comedy Show are up!
Updated Future Thespians list now includes Comedy Show points and newest invitations sent out.
Grade check for Districts is coming up with the end of Quarter 1, on October 18th.  Make sure your grades are up!

Updated our Comedy Show page to reflect our casts and design teams.

Work is continuing for our rapidly approaching Comedy Show!  Next week is a nonstop cavalcade of rehearsing, tech work, publicity prep and mailouts.  It's a fun, adventurous whirlwind.  Let's go, team!  This week's updates will include a page dedicated to the Comedy Show, complete with casts and crews.

Updated individual member pages to reflect points earned so far this year.

Great work on fundraising this year!  Our total was a record $2,081, thanks to the last-minute heroics of our Thespians who raised 70% of the total on the very last day.
See who this year's Fundraising Heroes are!
Tonight is the Homecoming Game, and it's a blackout.  Wear your Black & White Thespian T-shirt and say hi to Mr. G during the first half!


Boy, it's the busy part of the year already!  Doing lots of work on the upcoming Comedy Show behind the scenes.  If you are in Acting 2 or 3, and would like to be a Costume, Props/Set, or Makeup/Hair Designer for the show, please see Mr. G by Friday 9/13!
Don't forget fundraising too.  Our budget from the school was cut in half this year - so it's more important than ever!

Want to start working on your Thespian points for membership?  If you're enrolled in the Theatre 1 course, you can get a jump start by auditioning for the Theatre 1 One Act!  Get your audition form from Mr. G in Room 229 today!

If you missed today's Troupe Meeting - please see Mr. G for a Fundraising Packet!
The quick facts:

What a great start to our school year!  Our Acting 1, 2, and 3 classes are filled with this good-nature, work-hard energy that is making me really excited about this season.  There are also a record number of first year students who are asking about how to earn their hours to become Thespians.  I'm gonna call it here: we have great things ahead!
Our Exec Council met on Thursday, and tossed around a few One Act ideas, as well as Spring Play ideas.  This will be the Year of the Comedy, as all of our pieces will be designed to make the audience laugh.  It's been a long time since we've had a Spring Play comedy, so we're due.  : )
What we can tell you about the play choices:
We'll have more information at our Troupe Meeting on Tue 8/27 from 2:00-3:00pm, in Room 229, so be there!

Great work on our 9th Grade Orientation Show!  We had a really good time putting on a show for a LOT of brand-new students.  We had some genuinely funny moments, and I'm hopeful that we made a difference for our newest WCHS students.
Our Exec Council will be getting together on our first Thursday to discuss play titles for Season 15.  If you have any last minute suggestions, please see Alexis, Tyler, Brianna, or me!
Our first Thespian meeting of the year will be Tuesday August 27 from 2:00-3:00pm.  It's mandatory - so all Thespians must make plans to attend.

We are ready for our 9th Grade Orientation Show!  Thank you to every Thespian who put in the work to make this possible.  And extra-thanks for helping to set up the Drama Room for the upcoming year.  I'll see our volunteers on Thursday at 8:00am.   \

Filming went wonderfully today - we finished everything on time!  Alexis is now busily editing our 35 scenes into a beautifully educational show that will undoubtedly inspire our incoming 9th graders to untold heights of awesomeness.  Special thanks to Tyler for making some great props, and to Brianna for helping to make a killer diorama about the American Revolution (the BEST Revolution).
Setup/Rehearsal will be Tuesday 8/6 from 10am-Noon.
The Orientation itself will be Thursday 8/8 from 8am-2:30pm.

Final changes have been made!
You can download the final screenplay here.
You can also download the final cast of characters, which includes costume requirements.
I have to change our date for Live Rehearsal & Setup to TUESDAY August 6th, since I've been assigned to a training at the District Office on our original date, 8/7.
Currently confirmed actors: Alexia, Alexis, Annalese, Blue-Eyes, Delaney, Eliana, Emma B, Johans, Kat, Kathryn, Manny, Matthew, Tyler, Taylor
Did not respond: Jessica N
Unable to come: Raeann

Last call for Jessica Negron to confirm for next week's shooting or I'll have to reassign parts.  If you know of a way to get in contact with Jessica (I've already tried via her Thespian email address) please do so!

Filming for the 8th Grade Orientation Show will be on July 31 from 8:00am until Noon.  We'll meet at the Media Center and start filming as soon as everyone arrives - so BE ON TIME.
To make our shooting a lot easier, please confirm your attendance at our 7/31 shoot by email by July 25 at the latest, or I will recast your part to someone else.

I hope you've been enjoying your Summer Break!  I just got back from my trip to Nicaragua - which, by the way, was AWESOME.  On Sunday, I'll be heading out to Massachusetts to hang around Boston and visit my hometown.  When I come back on July 5th, I'll pick up work on the 8th Grade Orientation Show.  I've already written 3 out of the 5 scenes and will post the script HERE along with costume necessities sometime between July 6-10.  Enjoy your time away from school!

Last chance to sign up for the 8th Grade Orientation Show.  E-mail me by tonight!  6/11 UPDATE : Registration is now closed for this event!

Thank you to all of our brave volunteers who helped our school at the Campus Cleanup today!  While we were there, we agreed that we wanted to bring back the 8th Grade Orientation Show.  This is the show where we create filmed clips on such topics as Dress Code, Tardy Table, That's Just Not Cool Anymore, and more!  Then, we use the clips at a LIVE presentation to incoming 8th graders on their Orientation Day.
Everyone at the Campus Cleanup wanted to do the show - so if YOU are interested, please send me an email before Monday June 10, and I will put you in the show.  The dates and times are to the left.  I'm waiting until I get all of our volunteers before I write the screenplay - so let me know, if you are available on July 31, August 7 and August 8th!

Volunteers : don't forget the Campus Cleanup tomorrow.  Please show up promptly at 8am!
I also found out my tentative schedule for next year.  There are so many second year students that they had to split them into 2 sections!
Period 1 : (no class)
Period 2 : Acting 1
Period 3 : Theatre 1
Period 4 : Acting 2 & 3
Period 5 : Theatre 1
Period 6 : Acting 1

The 2012-13 regular school year is NOW OVER, with the exceptions of those few poor lucky students who still must attend Final Exam Makeup Day.
Don't forget to come to the Campus Cleanup on Thursday at 8am - promptly!  Bring clothes you hate.  Cause they're gonna get paint and crap on them. 
Tech titles are announced for 2013 Districts.  These are the only plays you may use for Publicity Design, Costume Design, Set Design, Costume Construction, and Student Directed Scene :

Happy Graduation Day to our Class of 2013 Thespians!!  Welcome to the grownup world.  : ) I have moved you to your own Legacy Page for the Class of 2013 that you can revisit any time you're feeling the need for a little nostalgia.
For the rest of us, Season #15 is coming up!   I've posted our important dates for next year on this top page (check down, to the left).  It's going to be a lot of fun ... and just may include the return of the Thespian Filmmaking project.
Raven Gonzalez is going to be hard at work this summer writing the Acting 1 comedy One Act.  Alexis Blackledge and Tyler Temple will be working on the Theatre 1 One Act.  If YOU want to write a One Act, or have a title for the Acting 2/Acting 3 One Acts, or for a full-length Comedy for the Spring 2014 Play, please let Mr. G, Alexis, Tyler, or Brianna know.  YOU might just have your playmaking wishes come true!
Volunteers - don't forget Campus Cleanup Day on June 6th at 8:00am.  : )

Updated Future Thespians list with the latest info.  If you have any Thespian Points you think you're missing, please see Mr. G!
New Member pages are being added today!  They take a million years to make, so I'll be adding them in bit by bit, and then finding and trimming up member pics to add in.  (update: They're finally done, four hours later ... phew!)
I'm also working on the c/o 2013 Legacy Page, which will be the new home for our Seniors after they graduate on May 31.

Season 2012-13 is now officially complete!  Good luck to all of our Seniors, who will soon get their own Legacy page in the Members area.   When I get a breath, I'll also add in individual member pages for our newest Thespians.  I also learned at this year's party that our troupe's appetite for pizza has increased, so I will be ordering an extra pizza or two next year : )
Want to rewatch the Class of 2013 Senior Video, or get a copy for yourself?  It's right here.

End of Year Party is tomorrow.  Wear your black and white "Proud to Be a Thespian" t-shirt/gang colors.

Started updating Senior pages based on their end-of-year surveys.  Work on the End-of-the-Year party is continuing.

Updated Member Pages to reflect Film Festival 2013 credits, Theatre/Acting class credits, and Exec Council 2012-13 credits. 
Taylor Gonzalez has also just earned her 50th point and been added to The Hall of Champions

Congratulations to our newly elected Officers!
Alexis Blackledge has been elected as our Troupe President for 2013-14.
Tyler Temple has been elected as our Troupe Vice-President for 2013-14.
Brianna Courchene has been elected as our Troupe Secretary-Publicist for 2013-14.
Tonight was also WCHS' "Night of Excellence."  I gave touching speeches about students in each grade who made a big difference this year.  Special thanks go to Delaney, who was the only Drama award recipient actually present at the ceremony.
Outstanding Drama Program Awards 2013
Kat Connelly - 9th Grade
Delaney Penn - 10th Grade
Josh McCluskey - 11th Grade
Melissa Sabalaske - 12th Grade
Kelsey Vinson - Overall

Check out the Tampa Bay Times' article on our Film Festival.  Some quotes from our very own Thespians!
This article is also on the front page of the Pasco section of this Sunday's (May 5) Tampa Bay Times.

Congratulations to "Gangsters," the winners of Best Picture for the 2013 WCHS Film Festival!  This plucky TV production cast and crew put together a hilarious view of suburban gang life, and refused to shy away from the spitballs and slight shoving that go along with life as a Chapel gangsta.
Check out the whole list of Film awards this year!  As a side note, the Tampa Bay Times will be covering our Festival in this week's Sunday edition, so be sure to grab a copy!
And with that, all that is left is THE END-OF-THE-YEAR PARTY!  If you're a WCHS Thespian, you'd best have your May 21nd cleared after school, because we are going to have an awesome time.  Who loves pizza and partially melted ice cream y'allllll?  #raiseroof  #ohitsraisedalready  #nevermind

Tickets go on sale Monday for the 5/1 Film Festival!  They are $3.00 each, and will be on sale during the cafeteria during both lunches.
Nomination Forms for the 2013-14 Elections will be available in Mr. G's room starting on Monday.  They are due back by 2:00pm on Thursday.
Added in the rest of the pictures that I took from "Up the Down Staircase."  I didn't get any submitted from the Costume Room or Makeup Room, so if you've got some - send 'em in and I'll add them!

Added in new Thespians for the 2013-14 season to the Members Page.  We're looking forward to having you join our happy, hard-working, silly, occasionally dysfunctional, optimistic troupe and putting on some great shows next year filled with lots of things to learn! 
I have signed our Film Festival 'Best Picture Committee' Judges for the 2013 Film Festival.  Who will they pick?  I have no idea!  But we'll all find out live at the 12:40pm May 1st show.  (insert dramatic tension here)
Our esteemed panel of film critics this year will be: Ms. Baez, Ms. Cullum, Mr. Durling, Ms. Davey, Ms. Farnworth, and Mr. Hicks.  Please be sure to thank them for volunteering their time to the Thespians. 

The deadline for newly invited Thespians to register for the 2013-14 season is Friday April 19th.  Please see Mr. G if you really want to be a Thespian, and money is the only thing holding you back from registering!

Good Film Production Council meeting today!  We decided to integrate the Wesley awards into the Day Show as an 8 minute combination recorded/live announcement skit culminating in the Best Picture announcement at the end of the Festival.
If you're on the Film Council, you can check the boxes to the left for the due dates we agreed to, in case you need a reminder.
If you would like a copy of the behind-the-scenes documentary of how we produced "Up the Down Staircase" please see Mr. G for a copy, and bring a flash drive.
ALSO : The end of the year party is on May 21 from 2:00-3:30.  Save the date!!

Updated member page resumes to reflect work on "Up the Down Staircase." 
Also - Melissa Sabalaske has earned her 50th Thespian Point, and has been added to the Hall of Champions!

GREAT WORK on "Up the Down Staircase!"  Friday night's ending was really, really heart-warming and beautiful.  Everyone on the cast and crew should feel proud for their work - it paid off.  It was especially nice to see Thespian alums Chrissy Herreid ('12), Jessica Courchene ('12) and Alex Duran ('12) in the audience!
We'll have a showing of the complete "Behind the Scenes Documentary" at our Thespian Meeting on Tuesday April 9, 2013 right after school.  All cast and crew are welcome to come!  You can also get a copy of the documentary by just bringing a flash drive to Room 229.
We had a bunch of Thespians get invitation letters this play, and among our next steps will be Elections, and planning the End-of the-Year Party where we'll welcome new Thespians, and say farewell to our graduating Thespians.  And don't forget the May 1st Film Fest!
Good times ahead.  : )

Designed draft posters for the 5 "Best Picture" nominees for the 2013 Student Film Festival.  I'll check in with the groups for proofreading before I send them off to the printers.  Check 'em out!
This weekend I'll be finishing up this year's brand new Publicity Campaign - which we'll be rolling out on Tuesday through English classes.  Then some sponsor work and side-wall projection art and I'll be ready to ... what!?  Go back to work?  Where'd my vacation go?  Ahhhhhhhhhhh

States Festival pictures are now posted!
I've also updated about a dozen member pages with some new profile pictures.
"Up the Down Staircase" photo gallery now has Drama Room rehearsal pics.  More to be added later when we get to the theater!

States is now complete - check out the final results!
Our final tally was 2 Superiors and 4 Excellents.  This means that the 2013 Thespians join the 2007 Thespians as the only other class to go to States and 'place' in every single event they entered.
Good work!
I'll have pictures to post.  And individual member pages to update.  But first, I'm going to pass out from exhaustion for a few days.  <3
UPDATE : I updated individual member pages and the Hall of Fame to reflect States accomplishments.

Long but fun day where we spent 15 hours together, watched a fantastic performance of "Picnic" at the Straz Center, walked in the rain, discovered that Ellen will walk about 45 miles for a hamburger, drove through floodrains on I-275 on the way back home, and didn't get any scores because our events were so late.
I think we're ALL going to sleep really well on Sunday!

Congratulations to both of our Thespians who competed today, who each placed with a score of EXCELLENT in their events!
Melissa Sabalaske
  Costume Construction, "Sweeney Todd"
Alyssa Blackledge
  Costume Design, "Sweeney Todd"
Nicely done, 6172 Thespians!

Phew, finally finished the draft program and tickets for "Up the Down Staircase."  I'm looking forward to seeing the draft documentary for our play, which Brianna's team should be finishing soon!

Nominees are now announced for the 2013 Wesley Chapel Student Film Festival.  Miss Taylor, Mrs. Willoughby and I were thrilled at the talent level this year - and horrified by the hard choices we had to make.  Our decision-making went into the evening as we pored over films and debated some great student filmmaking.
Our program took a great leap forward in film acting and cinematography this year.  Please do not take it personally if your movie is not nominated for an award.  Love the filmmaking process you went through, love your movie, and know that we loved watching your movie too.  If you enjoyed your film, and you learned something while you made it - then you've personally won, whether or not there's a Wesley at the end of the road.  Well done, 2013.
Some WCHS records set for this year's Film Fest :
If you have questions about what your movie could do next year, please ask one of us directly.  We won't speak for either of the other judges, but we'll be happy to give you our own feedback.  Don't guess, don't assign blame, and don't allow the passion of any disappointment you might feel lead you into a dark place - just ask us directly.  We're teachers and we're here to help you get better at what you love to do.

We received a record 47 films for our Film Contest this year!  Miss Taylor, Mrs. Willoughby and I will be formally reviewing them starting at 3:00pm on Wednesday 3/13.  You can check right here at this site for the winners, which will be announced by 7:00pm on Thursday 3/14 at the latest.
This year has been a GREAT one for films and from what I've seen there are too many good entries for the 5 "Best Picture" slots we have.  It's going to be hard to cut the list down.
States are coming up.  Competitors : Don't forget that we have a MANDATORY workshop on Tue 3/19 from 2:00-3:45.  We'll do mock judging and feedback on your designs and scenes.

Just got back from my trip to the District 14 Troupe Directors' Meeting.  I've updated our States Schedule to reflect leaving and return times, our workshop responsibility, and the fact that as a troupe we'll be watching "Picnic" for our evening show this year at the Straz Center.  "Picnic" is on my short list of plays I'd like to do in the near future, so it'll be a good thing for us to check out.
Don't forget that Wednesday (March 6) is the LAST DAY to submit films for the 2013 Film Festival!

Doing lots of behind-the-scenes work for "Up the Down Staircase."  Rehearsals are going really well.  We have an energetic and enthusiastic cast who really care about their work, and we have gotten off-book faster than (dare I say) any other play we've ever done.  That means more work on character study and the heart of the play which is going to translate to some definite playgoing awesomeness on April 4th and 5th.  If you're not already in the cast or on the crew, you should be writing down these dates to come and watch us - it's going to be great.  Just calling that now, ahead of time.
In-class Film Projects are due (draft) on Monday 2/25 and (final) on Wednesday 2/27 with completed screenplays. 
Out-of-class Film Festival Entries are due on Wed 3/6 (no screenplays necessary). 

Our States Festival schedule is now ready!
Thursday, March 21, 2013
10:30am Sabalaske - Costume Construction (Rm CC-30A)
1:06pm Blackledge - Costume Design (Rm CC-37)
Friday, March 22, 2013
2:54pm Penn - Costume Design (Rm CC-37)
3:50pm Berry & Co. - Ensemble Acting (Rm CC-10)
Saturday, March 23, 2013
1:59pm Taylor & Cross - Duet Acting (Rm CC-9)
3:58pm Courchene & Penn - Duet Acting (Rm CC-9)

Broke a tooth yesterday, because I'm awesome.  I'll have to miss school some time soon to go to the dentist to sit in a chair for a few hours.  It should be pretty exciting.  This might end up affecting a rehearsal in the near future, so keep tuned to this page to find out!
I will see if I can wait out the broken tooth until Wednesday to avoid affecting any rehearsals.
I also took a trip to Home Depot this weekend and have pretty paints and tempered hardboards for our Props & Art Crew to work on, on Tuesday.  Should be good times!

Yearbook pictures in Room 229 tomorrow during Homeroom.  Please wear your black and white club T-shirt for maximum awesomeness.

Crews added to the Production Page for "Up the Down Staircase".

The next Film Festival will officially begin on February 1, 2013!  Get your cameras ready!
Rehearsals and crews for "Up the Down Staircase" are under way, and going well.

Thank you to everyone who auditioned for "Up the Down Staircase" today!  I have a ton of respect for EVERYONE who has the bravery to come to an audition - so thank you very, very much.
I've created the Production Page for "Up the Down Staircase" where you can check out the Cast and Production Team.
I'll be picking crews tomorrow with our Designers, and we will be notifying crew members on Thursday and Friday of this week.

Happy New Year!
We have 15 Thespians registered for States.  Miss Taylor and I have space for 8 Thespians.  We'll need 7 Thespians to either car pool or get a ride to the Tampa Theater on March 21, 22 and 23rd.
If anyone who is going would like to have a parent chaperone and hang out with us all day - please let me know!  I will cover their registration fees.

Mark your calendars!  Auditions are now set for 2:00-4:00pm Tue January 15, 2013 in the Drama Room (Rm 229).
Audition Materials will be available by 8:30am January 9th, and due back to Mr. G by 7:30am January 15th.  Crew forms will also be available at that time.
Those Thespians interested in being part of the supercool Production Team jobs should see Mr. G during the first week of our return to school in January:
You must have a clear report card for Quarter 2 (no F's, no more than one D) to be considered for a Designer/Director position or a casted role.
Crew positions will be open to all.
Final list of registered Thespians for States 2013 is now posted.

Happy Winter Break!

We had a wonderful trip to Districts yesterday, and learned where Weeki Wachee in Hernando County was.  We also learned that a GPS can get you to Weeki Wachee, but it can not get you back home from Weeki Wachee without going on 11 side roads, through 3 detours, and a long back road through Shady Hills in the dark.  Hooray for technology!
Pretty big site update today.
See our list of awards as our troupe earned 6 Superiors and 8 Excellents this year!
The Competition Encyclopedia Hall of Fame has been updated to include our new entries this year.  Melissa Sabalaske has become the first member of Troupe 6172 to EVER win a Superior in Costume Construction!
I've also added in a Districts 2013 Picture Gallery from the pics I took yesterday.
Individual member pages now reflect Districts achievements.  I also updated a few member pictures.
I am looking forward to opening up our Pledge Box on Monday and finding out who made Pledges for this District competition.  Be prepared for craziness and fun!
Finally, I'll be putting together all of the info for States Registration next week.  You can pick it up in the Drama Room on Thursday 12/13 any time after 2nd period.

Districts are TOMORROW!  Polish off your scenes and designs, and let's have a GREAT TIME.
No matter what we earn in scores, we're going to have a great time learning about to become better actors, designers, and directors.
Make sure you're at the school at 6:45am.  The car pool leaves at 6:55am, and if you're not here by then, we're going to have to leave without you!

I hope you're enjoying your Thanksgiving Break!  I'm slowly adding in new member pages.  Slowly, because I'm enjoying Thanksgiving Break too : )
For those of you in Acting 2 or 3, you will be able to work on one of your events as your next in-class project.
Also - added in a Season Progress meter on our homepage to show the progress we're making this season on our many projects!

Want a 20 minute one-on-one workshop with Mr. G for your scene or design?  Just sign up on the Drama Room whiteboard for an available time slot, and push your event up to the next level!
Thanksgiving Break is coming up.  Make sure to get lots of sleep, practice your events, and enjoy your time off.
Your LAST CHANCE to bail out of an event without paying the $20.00 DROP FEE is November 18, 2012.  You can check out the list of who's competing in what.
I'll also be doing a GRADE CHECK on December 5th.  Please make sure you are passing all of your classes, and that you do not have more than one "D."  If you do, you will not be permitted to attend Districts, and I will have to cancel all of your events.  Your graduation, and academic success are my #1 priority.

Come on our to Workshops on Tuesday.  No appointment needed, just come on by and get some friendly advice about your scene or design!

Contested events have been decided.  I'll publish a list of everyone competing in different events AFTER I get everyone's registrations in tomorrow.
I must have your registration in tomorrow!
NOTE: We have 4 playwriting entries.  That's awesome!  But make sure that I have four copies of your play by Monday 10/29 at the latest!
Also, our Exec Council has decided on "Up the Down Staircase" as our Spring Play with some admittedly high-energy lobbying from me.  It's a period play, set in the 1960's about a brand new teacher and her students.  It's more of an expressionistic type of play than we've done in the past, and leans light on the comedy and heavier on the drama.  I think it will be a great new experience for our school's performers and designers!

District signups are now complete!  Contested events are:
The 5 best prepared scenes/designs in each category will represent WCHS at Districts.  You may also opt to withdraw from your event and enter another one, provided there is still space in that event.
Be ready to defend your right to represent us at Contested Events Auditions Thursday from 2:00pm until "when the events are over."
NOTE: If 5 or fewer complete groups show up to defend an event, everyone who showed up automatically represents our school without the need for an audition.
NOTE: We have 4 playwriting entries.  That's awesome!  But make sure that I have four copies of your play by Monday 10/29 at the latest!

Pictures for The Comedy Show are up.  Alex took like a billion more pictures too, so I'll wait until I get them before I start captioning everything.

Making hundreds of changes to the site with our Comedy Show info and pictures.  Member pages are in the progress of being changed.  Resume info should be up-to-date now.  20 new Member pictures switched/added in.

Signups and District Packets are NOW AVAILABLE in the Drama Room ... get yours early!

Great work on the Comedy Show!  We had great audiences, especially on Friday night.  There were even some celebrity alum sightings of Chrissy Herreid ('12), Chris Zichy ('12) and Caitlyn Reid ('11) at the show!
Next up, I have tons of updates to individual pages, as well as handling the invites for new Thespians that are coming through.  I have about a bajillion pictures to sort through, too.
Check in for updates as I toss new info in!
New Thespian inductions for everyone who's become a Thespian since the start of the school year will be during Homeroom November 7th.
Congratulations to Kelsey Vinson, who just earned her 100th Thespian Point, as well as brand new inductees to our Hall of Champions : Alyssa Blackledge, Brianna Lovilgio, and Kristina Osada!

It's production week for our first public show of the year.  Let's make it a great start to a great season!
Come on out and laugh.  You'll have a great time, and at only $3.00 you're not going to get a better entertainment value anywhere.
Don't forget that the Districts signups will be October 23 & 24, with contested auditions taking place on October 25.  I'll let you know when I've made Districts packages ready for Thespians to pick up.  It'll be nice to have Districts going on with NOTHING ELSE on our calendar, for the first time in ..... ever, I think!
Shows are Thursday and Friday night 10/11 & 10/12.  The shows will last approximately from 7:00-9:00pm.
Box Office Window
   opens at 6:30pm each night.

Thank you very much to the Fundraising Heroes who found business sponsorships for our troupe - we surpassed our minimum fundraising goal to fund our shows and trips to District and States competitions this year.
And a big THANK YOU to every business that sponsored us.
Don't forget our Troupe Meeting during Homeroom on Wednesday, in which we will chat about our Comedy Show a bit and then psych everybody up for District Competitions on December 8th!
Note: Updated the Tech Event list for 2012-13.

Fundraising deadline is tomorrow!
We are really close to our goal.  YOU could be the Thespian hero that pushes us over the top and gets us to States this Spring!
Thank you very much to the Fundraising Heroes who have already contributed with business sponsorships for our troupe.  : )
Don't forget our Troupe Meeting during Homeroom on Wednesday, in which we will chat about our Comedy Show a bit and then psych everybody up for District Competitions on December 8th!

Fundraising is due by 10/01/2012!!
THANK YOU to every Thespian who came out today to play host for the District XIV One Act Festival!  You were professional, positive, got the job done, and you represented our school well.  I am really proud to be able to leave students in charge of important responsibilities, and to see such great results.  Thank you!
Also - Congratulations to our One Act Cast & Crew!
We had a great time putting together our little 2-person show, had a great time doing some really fun and in-depth character work, and even learned something about creating weathered-wood effects.  And, BESIDES having a great time, learning a lot, and feeling super-proud about our work, we walked away from the Festival with :
Troupe 6172, Best Actor of the Festival : Aaron Schaefer
Troupe 6172, Best Actress of the Festival : Alexis Blackledge
Troupe 6172, Superior in One Acts - our FIRST in Troupe history!

Fundraising is due by 9/28/2012!!
Tomorrow, we'll be hosting the District XIV One Act Festival at our fair Center for the Arts!  Please be sure to be there by 8:00am, and either bring a lunch or some cashola for pizza.
At the next Troupe Meeting, we'll have information about the District XIV Individual Events Festival (aka the IE's) and all the different cool ways you can represent our troupe, learn a lot about performing or designing, and have a great time with your fellow Thespians.
In the meantime, good luck to our Troupe!  Special thanks go out to Alyssa Blackledge, Alexis Blackledge, Alex Mapes, Aaron Schaefer, and Meghan Nolan who each gave up time today to weather the front steps for our performance.
ALSO : If you're reading this and have Kelsey's number, text her and tell her to check her email for some Stage Manager notes!

Fundraising is due by 9/28/2012!!
Thanks to all of the troupe members who came out to today's meeting to get ready for the One Acts, and to workshop our entry into competition this Saturday!
Auditions for the Theatre 1 One Act, "How to Get Back At Your Ex," written and directed by Kelsey Vinson & Brianna Loviglio, will be Thursday, September 20, 2012.  If you're in a Theatre 1 class, pick up your rehearsal and audition package from Mr. G in Room 229!
I'm still taking applications for the following Designer positions for The Comedy Show until the end of Wednesday:
Please see Mr. G if you are interested!

Time is drawing nearer and nearer to the District XIV One Acts on 9/22!  We're working hard in rehearsal to put together a show that Wesley Chapel will be really proud of.
Be sure to attend the 9/18 meeting after school for your final assignment instructions.
Please remember that Fundraising is also due by 9/28!
Auditions for the Theatre 1 One Act, "How to Get Back At Your Ex," written and directed by Kelsey Vinson & Brianna Loviglio, will be Thursday, September 20, 2012.  If you're in a Theatre 1 class, pick up your rehearsal and audition package from Mr. G in Room 229!
Also, check out the Achievements Page  to see what a PERFECT SEASON looks like!

Come to our Thespian Club meeting tomorrow during Homeroom period for FUN IMPROV hosted by your very own Kelsey, Brianna and Kristina!
You don't need a club card for this meeting; a roster of every active Thespian has already been distributed to each teacher.

We had a lovely Troupe Meeting yesterday!  If you missed it, please see Mr. G, Kelsey, Brianna or Kristina to catch up on what we covered:
Please pick up a fundraising package for our 2012-13 season - see Mr. G right away!
On September 22nd, we'll be the proud hosts of the District 14 One Act Festival.  Let's look forward to this first event of our wonderful new season.  Go, 6172!
I've reset the Fundraising Heroes page to reflect 2012-13 fundraising.
Mini update 9/2 : Reset the Achievements Page for the 2012-13 season.  Check it out to see what a PERFECT SEASON looks like!

I hope you are ready for an awesome new year!  We're going to have a really great time.
See you in class on Monday.  And if I don't have you in an Acting class this year, please be sure to drop by and say hello!
First Troupe Meeting will be Tuesday August 28, from 2:00-2:40.  There are only 2 absolutely mandatory meetings of the year - and this is one of them.  Please be sure to attend!  We'll be discussing:

Thank you to Kristina Osada, Taylor Gonzalez, Tyler Temple, Julia Todd and Jasmine Dixon ('12) who volunteered to help set up the Drama Room today!.  : )  Pres Kelsey and VP Brianna attended WCHS Pack Leader training during the same time and dropped by between icebreakers.
We are now ready for a really great year.
Season 14 is about to get started ... woo hoo!
8/14 Mini-Update : made some minor graphic upgrades

I hope your summer break is going really well!
In between episodes of "Dexter" and "Wipeout" I've been working on some cool workshop and improv ideas for Acting 2 & 3 next year.  I think they're going to work out well - and make class even better!
Drama Room Reconstruction is officially set for Tuesday, August 7 from 9:00a-11:00am.  Help set up the Drama Room for business, and get all of our tools and toys ready for making some memorable drama moments next year.
RSVP for the Drama Room Reconstruction by emailing Mr. G!
Kathyrn Smisek ('15) has also got her 6172 groove on by sending in a 6172 picture.  Why not earn internet immortality by sending in yours?

Summer School is taking about one million years to pass by, but I managed to recover enough energy to post The Painting Party 2012 pictures.
You're welcome.
I've also been reading bunches of One Acts, and really digging into what's underneath "The Individuality of Streetlamps."  I think we're going to have an awesome entry into One Act competitions.
7/8 : Made a few updates to the Future Thespians page.

Thank you VERY much to the Thespians & friends who came in today to paint up the Drama Room!  Our major project was repainting and resealing the rehearsal stage, and it looks great!
Our Painting Party Crew Heroes were :
Aaron Schaefer, Alex Mapes,  Brandon Blue-Eyes, Ellen Taylor, Iain Cameron, Kathryn Smisek, Brianna Courchene, Jessikah Zayas, Kelsey Vinson, Kristina Osada, Taylor Gonzalez and Tiffany Mirocke!
I'll put up pics sometime soon.
Update 6/9 : Troupe Calendar is now updated.  It's a Google calendar, so you can subscribe to it and receive texted reminders of everything that takes place in our upcoming season!
Update 6/12 : Prospective Thespians is fully updated.
Update 6/13 : Home page changed to reflect Season 14.

Yee-ha!  It's gonna be a PAINTIN' PARTY at the ole Drama Room on this har FRIDAY 6/8 from 10am-1pm.  Bring yer grubbiest clothes cause as sure as pigs got curly tails, thar's gonna be paint a-splattered about!!
Signed up (so far) for the Painting Party :
Aaron Schaefer, Brianna Loviglio, Julia Todd, Brandon Blue-Eyes, Alyssa Blackledge, Alexis Blackledge, Nelia Berry, Kathryn Smisek, Brianna Courchene, Alex Mapes, Jessica Courchene...maybe, Kristina Osada, Taylor Gonzalez, Chabeli Marrero, Kelsey Vinson and Iain Cameron.
We're going to be fixing up the Wall of Fame, repainting the steps, repainting the back Black Stage Wall, and repainting and refinishing the Drama Room rehearsal stage.  Get ready for some good times!
Also, class updates: Acting 2 and 3 is scheduled for Period 1 next year.  Acting 1 will be Period 5.  If Advanced Acting students don't get enough sleep to be interesting next year at 7:30 in the morning, I'm going to have to resort to extraordinarily annoying measures to liven things up.  You have been warned.

New member pages are up, and the Achievements page has been updated to reflect our end-of-year accomplishments.  We end this year setting a new Troupe Record in Outreach Points, but falling 10 points short of last year's total.  It was a close race!
For this summer's website upgrade project, I will be adding Achievements to personal web pages.  If you've been part of earning an Achievement for our troupe, you will now be able to bask in its reflected glory.
Congratulations to Aaron Schaefer and Alexis Blackledge who will be representing our troupe (and school) at the 2012 One Act Competition!  I will be allowing one more day for those interested in applying to be the One Act Stage Manager and Designer - see me if you'd like to represent our Tech Awesomeness!
Seniors who have graduated from our Thespian program have been moved to 'Legacy Heaven' on their very own 2012 Legacy Page.  Good luck, graduates!

Farewell, graduating Thespians!!!  It has been fun, and rewarding to be your teacher for these past years!  I'll be making a Legacy 2012 page for you, so that you can always check back at this site when you want a blast of nostalgia.
There are a lot of changes coming to the Member section, a lot of brand new Thespians to make pages for, some picture updates, bio updates, and of course captions for the "Presidents!" pages.
Auditions for the Thespian One Act are on Tuesday May 29th from 2-3:30pm.
The Painting Party 2012 will be held on Friday June 8th from 10-1pm!
5/27 Update : I've begun updating Member Pages.  I'll upload mini-updates as they become available!
5/28 Update : Even more member pages up!  Achievements updated.  Created the Class of 2012 Legacy Page.

I'm making some minor updates throughout the site.   I also got a bunch o' pictures from Chrissy that I'll use to make a real "Presidents!" photo gallery with captions and whatnot.
You'll see some pictures, and member page updates coming through over the next few days.  There are already a few in there.  See if you can find 'em!
I'll also be working on a Legacy 2012 page for our Troupe 6172 members who are starting to get old and wrinkly.  Let's celebrate their advancing years with a Graduation Bash, complete with pizza and denture cream on Thursday!  At the same time we'll welcome all the new young'uns to our troupe and deck them out in our troupe colors.
Good times shall be had be all!  Or else!!!!!
Don't forget our super-cool End-of-the-Year Party on May 24th.  ALL THESPIANS MUST ATTEND!

End-of-Year Drama Awards were presented at our "Night of Excellence" a few days ago.
Jessica Courchene ('12) received the 12th Grade award.
Brianna Loviglio ('13) received the 11th Grade award.
Lucas Esteves ('14) received the 10th Grade award.
Brianna Courchene ('15) received the 9th Grade award!
Also, congrats to Chris Zichy ('12) who is part of WCHS' graduating Top Ten!
Congratulations to Abby Fleck ('12) and Aly Oquendo ('12) who have joined our Hall of Champions upon earning her 50th Thespian Point!
I'm also working on "Presidents! The Musical" pictures and updating member pages.  Say, would you like some non-blurry pictures, say the type that President Chrissy Herreid took?  Make sure to let her know!  : )

Our new Executive Council has been elected!
Kristina Osada ('13) has been elected as the Troupe Secretary-Publicist 2012-13!
Brianna Loviglio ('13) has been elected as the Troupe Vice-President 2012-13!
Kelsey Vinson ('13) has been elected as the Troupe President 2012-13!  T
Thank you to everyone who was nominated, and who voted as part of our Troupe's democratic process.  : )

Congratulations to the team of Chris Zichy, Chrissy Herreid, Jessica Courchene and Kristina Osada for winning "Best Picture" at the 2012 Wesley Chapel Film Festival for their movie "Paradise Island!"
Full List of Winners
Best Picture : "Paradise Island"
Best Actress : Abby Fleck, "For the Love of Butter"
Best Actor : Chris Zichy, "Paradise Island"
Best Supporting Actress : Dixian Montano, "Hopelessly Unique"
Best Supporting Actor : Alex Duran, "For the Love of Butter"
Best Cinematography : Julia Todd, "Endurance"
Best Editing : Alexis Blackledge, "Endurance"
Best Original Screenplay : Chrissy Herreid "Paradise Island"
Best Soundtrack : Nelia Berry, "Endurance"
Best Makeup & Costume Design : Holly Morris, "For the Love of Butter"
Runner-up for Best Picture : "For the Love of Butter"
Thank you very much to our returning Thespian Alum who came to present awards last night : Vince Evangelista ('11), Mary Osada ('11), Kelly Herreid ('06), Caitlin Cameron ('11), Carl Simmonds ('11) and Garry Cohen ('11).  It was great to work with you again!

Come see this year's top 5 nominees for "Best Picture" out of the 25 films received for competition this year.
There will be two shows, one at 12:40p (during school) for students, and one open to the whole community at 7:00p.
The evening show will feature our semi-elegant affair, "The Wesleys" where student filmmakers will receive awards in 9 different categories including the coveted "Best Picture" of the Year.
With tickets only $3.00 to either show you'd have to be CRAZY to miss out on this entertainment deal of your life.  Come on out and watch some movies!
ALSO : Updated member pages to reflect "Presidents! The Musical" and Thespian Point Requests
AND : Our newest inductee to Troupe 6172's HALL OF CHAMPIONS is Lucas Esteves, passing the 50 point mark! Also making the leap to the vaunted and super-heroic 100+ points list are Jessica Courchene  and Chrissy Herreid!

We had our Film Festival Council meeting today, and are already busily planning out our final big show of the year - the 12th Annual Student Film Festival!  Watch this year's top 5 nominees for "Best Picture" out of the 25 films received for competition this year.
There will be two shows, one at 12:40p (during school) for students, and one open to the whole community at 7:00p.
The evening show will feature our semi-elegant affair, "The Wesleys" where student filmmakers will receive awards in 9 different categories including the coveted "Best Picture" of the Year.
With tickets only $3.00 to either show you'd have to be CRAZY to miss out on this entertainment deal of your life.  Come on out and watch some movies!

Posted pictures from States 2012!
I have a bunch of "Presidents! The Musical" pictures but need some that aren't super-blurry, like the ones my cell phone takes.  I especially need ones for "Who Cares?,"  "You Could Be President, Too" and the Makeup team.
Send your "Presidents! The Musical" pictures to me!.
Don't forget our meeting after school on TUESDAY for all those interested in working to produce the 2012 Student Film Festival!

Posters for the 12th Annual Student Film Festival are now created!  I'll be sending them off to the printers tomorrow.
Spring Break news :
Congrats to Thespian Melissa Sabalaske whose Winter Guard placed 7th in the STATE!

"Presidents! The Musical" is now complete.
We had a wonderful time putting on this musical, which was a total labor of love.
If you have pictures of "Presidents!" or Districts you'd like to share with the site, send them to me!
I will be making a big picture update over Spring Break.
We have a Troupe Meeting on Thursday March 29 to discuss our prep for our last event of the year ... the 12th Annual Film Festival.
I thought I had some time off and then I remembered ... Film Festival Posters!  I'm working on them this weekend.

States Festival Results
Saturday's Update : We loved Julia's monologues today, and thought all of her hard work really paid off in a great performance.  Jessica Courchene also picked up another Superior, this time in Costume Design - with each of the judges giving her perfect scores!
To put this accomplishment in perspective, our troupe's last  Superior in Costume Design was in 2004!
Friday's Update : Congrats to the team of Chrissy Herreid and Jessica Courchene who placed again, this time with an Excellent in Playwriting.  Chrissy also picked up a third award at States this year with an Excellent in Publicity Design!
Thursday's Update: Congratulations to Chrissy Herreid and Jessica Courchene who earned a Superior on their Duet Acting scene, and to Lucas Esteves who earned an Excellent on his Pantomime!

States is tomorrow, and today I found at 10am that we did not receive driving clearance through a new DMV program that goes through Tallahassee that makes sure your teachers are safe drivers.
It's not that we aren't safe (My last driving ticket was in 1988, and Miss Taylor has never had a ticket) but that the process takes 10 days for Florida state government approval - after signing up electronically on a system that is brand new for field trips this calendar year.
I've already met with all students who are seeing if they can receive clearance to drive to States tomorrow either on their own, or with a family member.  Check the adjusted schedule below!
In case you're curious, this is what a teacher needs to do to get approval for one field trip.
1. Get an activity request approved.
2. Get a field trip request approved.
3. Get a volunteer form approved (even though you are a teacher).
4. Find a chaperone of the opposite gender and get him/her approved as a volunteer, plus one chaperone per 10 students attending.
5. Get a leave of absence form approved (even if the trip is on a Saturday) for all teachers.
6. Complete an online "sub central" form to get substitute coverage for each teacher.
7. Complete a purchase order so your after school program's budget pays for your substitute teacher.
8. Get transportation release forms signed by every parent of every student attending the field trip.
9. Notify student services and all faculty the names of each student attending the field trip
10. Complete a 'funds received' form each day you receive money from a student paying for the field trip costs.
11. Complete 'private vehicle insurance verification' paperwork for each car driving.
NEW this calendar year
12.  Complete an online driver safety check through Tallahassee.   After completing this check, the system THEN notifies you it will take 10 business days to be approved.
Thanks go to Ms. McKinney (our bookkeeper) who tried with our principal, Ms. Nettles to try to find an alternative today, to no avail.

Musical practice was cut short today.
We had a good time choreographing "Assassination is Bad" and I got to check in with Brianna about our costumes afterwards.  It was odd getting home before 6:30pm.
Tomorrow we've got choreography planned for "Cherry Tree," "Who Cares" and "Let's Go to War."  That'll leave only "Gotta Get Elected" left for next week when we get to team up with the band.
Nominees have been announced!

Thank you to all who entered the 2012 Film Festival!
Nominees have been announced!

Have you checked out Mrs. Taylor's Art Room for some of the crazy set pieces being built?   The cannon is so awesome that I am redesigning the set to make sure it's featured more prominently in another number.  Great work, Art Design team!!
T-Shirts are going to be made soon.  They'll be available for $5.00 in a variety of sizes ... first come, first served.
If it's February/March it must be THESPIAN CRAZY STRESS TIME where all of those great projects that sounded so easy at the beginning of the year COME BACK TO EAT YOU RAWR.
Thu, Mar 1 : In-Class Movies are Due
Fri, Mar 2 : Out-of-Class Movies are Due
Fri, Mar 2 : Finalists Announced online by 9:00pm
Thu-Sat, Mar 15-17 : States Competition
Wed-Fri, Mar 21-23 : Presidents! The Musical
Sat, Mar 24 : Thespian Fall Over On the Floor A4nd Sleep Day

About one more month to go until the Musical!
ALSO : If you have a film you'd like to enter into the Wesley Chapel Film Festival, make sure to drop it off at the Drama Room by FRIDAY MARCH 2nd at 2:00pm with completed entry form and media releases.
We have no student news, so this site and word of mouth are our promotional means!
NOTE: For those of you working on in-class Drama movies, your films are due THURSDAY MARCH 1st in class.

Time is flying by!  Our lovely musical is coming along.  Be sure to check out the Art Room for some of the great set pieces that Mrs. Taylor and Miss Taylor's Art Design teams are working on.  They are looking quite awesome.
Cast : be sure to be PRACTICING YOUR SONGS AND LINES!  Choreography is getting added in soon, and you'll need to have your A-game rocking.
Friday's Acting practice has been cancelled.
Friday's Crew meetings have been moved to the next Wednesday.
Enjoy the long weekend!

First crew rehearsals for Presidents! The Musical went well, and our tech is now officially under way.  Be sure to also peek into the Art Room (227) to get a glimpse of the huge cannon, cherry tree, airplane, and Mt. Vernon flats that are being made under Mrs. Taylor and Miss Taylor's art direction.
Our resident Choreographer, Miss Enyart is already working with a couple of student choreographers to come up with our musical routines - and they should be starting within the next week or two as our choral work gets solidified.
Acting rehearsals are going splendidly - with an Off Book date set at Thursday 2/16.  Learn them lines!  Then we can start having some real fun with the blocking.

Musical rehearsals are now rolling along nicely for our very own "Presidents! The Musical." 
Crews have also been chosen for our backstage Stage Ninja Force who will be crafting the costumes, props, and makeup designs for our cast.  Check out the crew list!
Crew will be meeting for the first time this Friday to learn about the cool projects they'll be working on this February and March on the musical.  Meanwhile, in the Art Room, the Art department is creating some cool set pieces for our show.
Don't forget that you can follow the schedule on our  online Troupe Calendar.  You can follow it on Google and get automated reminders of rehearsals and important dates!

Auditions for "Presidents!  The Musical" were held TODAY in the Band Room.  A huge THANK YOU to everyone who auditioned.  It's tough to put yourself on the line, and you've earned a big chunk of respect for putting yourself there.
That said, our musical is officially cast now.  Check out the new page that is up for "Presidents!  The Musical"
Our Production Team has also been selected from the most veteran of our Thespian production designers.  Our troupe is known for doing Tech Theater very well in our District - and our Production Team will be making some hard decisions as they choose crews on Tuesday afternoon from the dozens of applications we received.
ALSO : The online Troupe Calendar has been updated to include the rehearsal schedule.  You can follow it on Google and get automated reminders of rehearsals and important dates!

Auditions for "Presidents!  The Musical" will be held on Friday 1/20/2012.  Pick up your audition materials in the Drama Room any time before Thursday 1/19.
Audition materials contain everything you need to know about what will happen, a list of characters, a rehearsal schedule, audition form, and contract.
There is also a Crew Form for those interested in making things happen backstage - which is where we all know the REAL awesomeness takes place.
Good luck to everyone who auditions!

The Musical is ON!
Audition Materials will be ready by Wednesday, January 11th.  Auditions will be held Friday, January 20, 2012 from 2:00-5:00pm.
A lot of work has gone into this, and there's still a lot of work to go.  Woo hoo!!!!
New member pages are now created.  22 new member pictures are also up!
NOTE: There will be no general Thespian Meeting on Thursday, just a short meeting for those competing at States.
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