Miss Allison
Class of 1998

"In high school, it would have to be the time guys realized they'd have to shave their legs for 'You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown.'"
"Opening night for 'Competition Piece' when I realized it was actually going to be good."
Thespian Points : 90 Miss Taylor, who practically dared me to change her picture.  So, here ya go.  (2013) On the way to the park for lunch at States.  It was a good day.  (2009) Favorite Thespian Moment


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Favorite Movies
Gone With the Wind
Top Gun
Favorite Actor
Ewan McGregor
Colin First
Jonathan Rhys-Myers
Favorite Actress
Kate Winslet
Reese Witherspoon
Best TV Show
Ever Made
The Cosby Show
Who do you look
up to, and why?
"I don't know.  I probably worship celebrities."  (pause)  "I think my mother's pretty cool."
Why did you become
a Thespian?
"In high school, I got dragged to an audition by somebody on my soccer team, and I didn't know any better.  Oh and here, Catherine Zichy decided I should have a shirt."


"One Act Festival" [2006]
6th Annual Film Festival [2006]
"Winter Comedy Festival"
7th Annual Film Festival [2007]
Drama I  2005-06
Thespian Kickball Charity Event, 2009
plus, lots of stuff from Zephyrhills
High School where she was a Thespian Member.  I'm sure she'll let me know what they were some day.
"Competition Piece"
Production Council
"Employees Must Wash Hands...Before Murder"
Production Council
 "Winter One Acts 2007"
"The Crucible" [2008] "Harvey" [2008]


"Starjump" [2009]


"13 Reasons Not to Be in a Play"


Asst. Producer Set Designer



Art Design

Costume Design

9th Annual Film Festival [2009] Spring 2009 One Act Festival  [2009] "Arsenic & Old Lace" [2009] "And Then There Were None"  [2011]
Technical Director
Set Designer
 "Presidents! The Musical" [2012] "Up the Down Staircase" [2013]    
Set Designer


Set Crew


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2008 2009 2010 2007 2008 2009
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One Act
"'Dentity Crisis"
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