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        Explanation of How Points are Earned
Working on earning your Thespian membership?  Or, just having fun collecting Thespian points?
This is a list of all WCHS students who have earned 6 or more Thespian Points
> 10 points are required for membership. 
> You *must* earn at least 5 of your points under the direction of the current Troupe Director - Mr. Gaudet.
If you have things to add under Mr. Gaudet's direction, please just send me an email!
If you have other things to add (learn more!), please fill out a Thespian Point Request available in Mr. G's room (Room 229).
Last updated : December 2014
Next invitations will go out by : April 2015
Prospective Thespians Pts
Aliyah Stein 9
Ayana Davis 9
Danielle Loviglio 9
Gillian Blackniak 9
Jenna Ojeda 9
Maggie Jean 9
Paul Dacre 9
Sierra Gandy 9
Tandra Norman 9
Alyssa Zemble 8
Lena Thompson 8
Miranda Neumann 8
Nicole Mestre 8
Sebastian Rosario 8
Jazsmin Haynes 7
Katherine Connor 7
Ray Morris 7
Andrea Taylor 6
Jamique Thompson 6
Jessikah Zayas 6
Katlin Dinh 6
Renee Carpenter 6
Taylor Ferguson 6
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