Vice-President 2014-15
Class of 2015
Thespian Points : 101 Matthew, celebrating his Student Directed Scene  (2013) Matthew, actually stage managing.  (2013) Favorite Thespian Moment

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Favorite Movies
Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows, Pt. 2
Favorite Actor
Daniel Radcliffe
Favorite Actress
Jennifer Lawrence
Best TV Show
Ever Made
The Honeymooners
Walking Dead
Modern Family
Who do you look
up to, and why?
"Sweet Brown because she went from nothing to something in like 3 seconds."
Why did you become
a Thespian?
"So I could be in a room full of people who are just like me."
What is one final thought or piece of advice you'd like to leave behind?
"Remember that this is a place of sanctuary.  The people in this room love you and care about you.  In time you will become a little family.  Times get hard.  The world gets cold.  This place, this room will be a place of shelter.  Saying goodbye is the hardest thing ever, so appreciate every moment and every person.  It'll all be over before you know it." 
"In this moment, we are infinite."
-Perks of Being a Wallflower


The Comedy Show  [2012]
"Up the Down Staircase" [2013]
The Comedy Show
"Annie Play Will Do" [2014]
Drama 1 (2011-12)
Acting 1 (2012-13)
9th Grade Orientation Show, 2013
Fundraiser, Level 1, 2013
Acting 2 (2013-14)
Campus Cleanup, 2014
9th Grade Orientation Show, Editor 2014
Wildcat Carnival Gypsy Tent, 2015
Acting 3 (2014-15)
"Employees Must Wash Hands Before Murder"
Thursday Cast
Student Director
Assistant Director
"Seussification of Romeo and Juliet"
performed as
Stage Manager
Assistant Director
14th Annual Film Festival [2014]
The Comedy Show
"Our Town"
15th Annual Film Festival [2015]
Film Finalist
"Secret of Diana"
Film Council
performed as part of
(it was complicated)
Stage Manager
Assistant Director
Light Designer
Best Actor
Best Editor
Best Cinematography
Best Picture
"Somewhere Box (TM)"
District Competitions State Competitions
2014 2015   2014 2015  
Student Directed Scene
"August: Osage County"
Student Directed Scene
"Diary of Anne Frank"
Student Directed Scene
"August: Osage County"