Class of 2015
"When we were doing Pantomime Day and what's-her-name flicked us all off.  Funniest thing ever."
(ed note - Her name was Emily)
Thespian Points : 28 In the Makeup Room, where Mia feels most at home.  (2014) That one special day when Mia turned into a Dr. Seuss character and we all danced in a circle singing Hoo carols..  (2013) Favorite Thespian Moment

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Favorite Movies
The Hangover
The Twilight Zone
Favorite Actor
"I don't have one.  I really don't"
Favorite Actress
"Marilyn Manson.  I mean Monroe."
Best TV Show
Ever Made
Full House
Criminal Minds
Who do you look
up to, and why?
"I look up to my older sister because she had kids at a young age and she's still doing good in life."
Why did you become
a Thespian?
"Because I've always wanted to do acting and this is one of the opportunities I had."
What is one final thought or piece of advice you'd like to leave behind?
"Be here!  I'm not kidding.  You don't want to be that one senior who's not gonna have Thespian memories.  Make your years memorable.  Make history!"


November Comedies  [2011] "Presidents! The Musical" [2012] The Comedy Show  [2012]
The Comedy Show
Drama 1 (2011-12)
Acting 1 (2012-13)
Acting 2 (2013-14)
9th Grade Orientation Show, 2014
Employees Must Wash Hands Before Murder"
Makeup Crew
performed as
"Seussification of Romeo and Juliet"
performed as
Makeup Crew
14th Annual Film Festival [2014]
The Comedy Show
"Our Town"
Film Council
performed as part of
(it was complicated)
Makeup Crew
Box Office  
Competitions Achievements Earned