Class of 2016
"My monologue sophomore year."
Thespian Points : 35 Ana is sensitive.  Very sensitive.  (2014) Ana, celebrating Hawaiian Shirt Day.  (2013) Favorite Thespian Moment

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Favorite Movies
West Side Story
Breaking Dawn
The Notebook
Favorite Actor
I don't have one
Favorite Actress
I don't have one
Best TV Show
Ever Made
That's So Raven
Who do you look
up to, and why?
"I look up to Michael Jackson because he was who inspired me to start singing."
Why did you become
a Thespian?
"I love the theater and love to sing."
What is one final thought or piece of advice you'd like to leave behind?
"Work hard, and just graduate, kids.  #you'rewelcome"


The Comedy Show  [2012]
"Up the Down Staircase" [2013]
The Comedy Show
"Annie Play Will Do" [2014]
Drama 1 (2011-12)
Acting 1 (2012-13)
Acting 2 (2013-14)
Acting 3 (2014-15)
"Employees Must Wash Hands Before Murder"
performed as
performed as
"Seussification of Romeo and Juliet"
performed as
Costume Designer
Makeup Crew
The Comedy Show
performed as part of
(it was complicated)
Hair Designer
District Competitions State Competitions