The Class of 2004

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The Thespians of 2004

Amanda Sanborn
Annette Worth
Eric Manuelian
Frank Freeman
Jessie Luczynski
Kevin Kimble


Libby McCleland
Lizz Buikema
Mariela Silvia
Patrick Coy
Rabecca Delestowicz
Rachel Blanset
Rachel Lee Manyo
Robert Benson
Ryan Bee
Tiffany Caine

The Events of the Class of 2004

March 2001
"12 Angry Men"
December 2001
"The Boardinghouse Reach"
May 2002
December 2002
"A Christmas Carol"
2001 & 2002
1st & 2nd Annual Film Festivals
January 2003
Districts Competition
April 2003
States Competition
Random Pics
March 2003
3rd Annual Film Festival

April 2003
"The Odd Couple"
August 2003
The Painting Party
November 2003
"Go Ask Alice"
January 2004
One Act: "Go Ask Alice"
January 2004
Districts Competition
April 2004
States Competition
April 2004
4th Annual Film Festival

April 2004
"Caught in the Act"