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from the "FLThespian" website.
  1. Students must select from a specified list of Tech Plays which changes each year.  You may NOT choose a musical for Student-Directed Scene.
  2. The submitted prompt book must include, but is not limited to
    • Thematic statement of the play
    • Character summary: include relationships with each other and their surroundings, using the characters in the required scene
    • Plot summary of the play
    • Floor plan for the scene: provide a complete groundplan to a scale as you would stage it in full performance for that scene in the act that it occurs as it would be presented in the final production
    • Copy of the designated scene with blocking notes and technical cues on the copy
    • Only (1) one student may be the director. NO COLLABORATION.
  3. Student directors MUST choose performers who are participating in one other individual event at the district level.
  4. Be prepared to answer the following conceptual questions, for example: The playwright's choice of title, tempo for this scene, use of line, shape, texture, color, and/or music to reflect mood and style.
  5. Time limit: five (5) minutes for the required uninterrupted performance. The remainder of the time is designated for justification and questions. The event shall not exceed fifteen (15) minutes.
  6. A bibliography is required documenting all resources used.
  7. One (1) chair per character in the designated scene provided. One sturdy table provided.
  8. Prop(s) may be brought at the student director's discretion if it is an integral part of the scene.

Best Scores ... Ever! (States)
There is no Critics' Choice at States in this Event.
no Troupe 6172 Thespian has ever earned this score in this event.
  • Brianna Courchene, "War Horse" (2015)
  • Matthew Tsvetkov, "August: Osage County" (2014)
Judges' Criteria
  • Blocking/Stage Pictures
  • Creative Approach/Communication
  • Concept/Theme
  • Interpretation
  • Presentation/Justification
  • Prompt Book
Best Scores ... Ever! (Districts)
District Representatives
  • Brianna Courchene, "War Horse" (2015)
  • Matthew Tsvetkov, "Diary of Anne Frank" (2015)
  • Matthew Tsvetkov, "August: Osage County" (2014)
  • Kelsey Vinson, "Rabbit Hole" (2012)
  • Chanel Letourneau, "The Crucible" (2009)
  • Zico Tabet, "Arsenic & Old Lace" (2005)
  • Kelsey Vinson, "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, Abridged" (2013)
  • Corey Monson, "Harvey" (2003)
Sponsor's #1 Advice
There are a LOT of different things to be concerned with in a Student-Directed scene.  It seems like an easy event; but that's a misconception.  If I had to pick one thing it's: be organized.  Know what you want from each rehearsal, don't waste your performers' time, and have your script & prompt books ready.

Really- there are a million things to think about: not least of all, how you're going to motivate your peers and get them to listen to you, but being organized will make all of your other problems easier to deal with.

Thespians' Advice

There is no recorded Thespian advice for this event. 

If you are a Thespian who has competed in this event, please send your advice to Mr. Gaudet to be included on this page!