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from the "FLThespian" website.
  1. The script must be the work of one student OR the collaborate work of no more than two students.
  2. The text must contain dialogue, and have a minimum of two characters
  3. The script submitted must be in the form of a non-musical one-act play with a maximum length of 30 pages.
  4. A script that is improperly formatted is in violation of the specified Florida State Thespian guidelines and is subject to disqualification prior to adjudication.  
  5. Scripts must be saved as a PDF file, and emailed to the District Chair or State Director per the given competition deadlines.  It is the responsibility of the playwright(s) and Troupe Director to ensure the safe, complete, and timely transmission and receipt of all necessary digital documents.  No paper copies of the script will be accepted.
  6. The first page of the script will be the Title page, including information relating to the title, playwright(s), troupe director, troupe number, school name, and completion date, and will be arranged according to the Florida State Thespian guidelines.
  7. The (optional) second page of the script may contain a synopsis, character list and breakdown, floor-plan, or any other information the playwright(s) deem(s) necessary to understanding the script.
  8. The student cannot submit a play that has been previously adjudicated by Florida State Thespians.
  9. The playwright MAY  provide readers from his/her own troupe for the stage reading. The evaluation may include five (5) minutes of a staged reading and ten (10) minutes of verbal adjudication. The staged reading will be used as an aid for the playwright, and does not affect the final rating of the script.
Best Scores ... Ever! (States)
Critics' Choice
no Troupe 6172 Thespian has ever earned this score in this event.
  • Kelly Herreid & Katy Jacobs, "Oh, About That" (2005)
  • Jessica Courchene & Chrissy Herreid, "Romance and You" (2012)
  • Lauren Vanhelden, "The Paper Butterfly" (2009)
  • Tanya Follick, "Who Let the Dogs Out?" (2004)
Judges' Criteria
  • Character: Developed and Consistent
  • Dialogue/Readability
  • Plot/Logical Progression
  • Stageability
  • Creativity/Ingenuity
  • Formatting
Best Scores ... Ever! (Districts)
Critics' Choice/District Representative
  • Jessica Courchene & Chrissy Herreid, "Romance and You" (2012)
  • Vince Evangelista, "Lauren Vanhelden, "Lone Customer" (2011)
  • Paper Butterfly" (2009)
  • Mark Vicciardo "This Ring" (2009)
  • Tanya Follick, "Who Let the Dogs Out?" (2004)
  • Mark Vicciardo, "Jack" (2008)
  • Kelly Herreid & Katy Jacobs, "Oh, About That" (2005)
  • Dixie Montano & Matthew Tsvetkov, "Rewind" (2015)
  • Raven Gonzalez & Emma Schlechty, "America's Superheroes Got Talent" (2014)
  • Brandon Blue-Eyes, "Homecoming" (2014)
  • Manny Ortiz, "Within Me" (2014)
  • Sarah Hudak, "Seeing" (2011)
  • Rachael Freeman, "The Moroccan Spoon" (2007)
  • Wes Ford, "X" (2006)
  • Kelly Herreid & Katy Jacobs, "Mars 3113" (2006)
Sponsor's #1 Advice

Basic story creation rules apply:

  • have at least one character the audience can relate to
  • have at least one character change (be dynamic)
  • make different characters have different dialogue styles and unique points of view
  • have a clear central conflict
  • use SUBTEXT where possible and save TEXT for your high points or turning points
  • make it stageable; have few or zero scene changes, and uncomplicated set requirements
  • have at least one other person read it to make sure it makes sense to someone else.  Listen to your volunteer!!
Thespians' Advice

There is no recorded Thespian advice for this event. 

If you are a Thespian who has competed in this event, please send your advice to Mr. Gaudet to be included on this page!