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from the "FLThespian" website.
  1. Between 1 and 8 performers.
  2. No spoken or recorded words.
  3. Props are not allowed.
  4. Theatrical makeup is not allowed.
  5. Lip synching and/or audible sounds by the performer(s) are not allowed.
  6. Special effect sounds and instrumental music can be used, but no music used may contain lyrics or human vocal sounds.
  8. The piece is limited to FIVE MINUTES.
  9. The only scenery provided will be eight chairs.  Performers are limited to using only ONE chair per performer.
  10. The floor may be carpeted.  Be prepared!
  11. The use of musical accompaniment or recorded sound effects is optional, but you must (be prepared to) provide your own equipment
Best Scores ... Ever! (States)
Critics' Choice
no Troupe 6172 Thespian has ever earned this score in this event.
  • Josh McCluskey & Dixie Montano, "Slipping Away" (2014)
  • Lucas Esteves, "What They Found on the Mountaintop" (2012)
  • Lauren Bates & Rosie DeAngelo, "Acrophobia" (2009)

Mime Showcase (2001-2007)
From 2001-07, only Critics' Choices at Districts advanced to States.  These pantomimes were showcased at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center, but were not scored at the States level.
  • Jon Blacklidge, Desiree Bonilla, Chad Lucas, Sean Davies & Johora Ramotar, "Double Take" (2006)
  • Sean Davies & Tanya Follick, "Two People at a Place" (2005)
Judges' Criteria
  • Story has logical development
  • Clear gestures and facial expressions
  • Understand economy of gesture
  • Shows emotional energy
  • Shows muscular tones and balanced interaction
  • If used, uses music appropriately
  • Communicates ideas to audience through well-developed characters
Best Scores ... Ever! (Districts)
Critics' Choice/District Representatives
  • Josh McCluskey & Dixie Montano, "Slipping Away" (2014)
  • Kelsey Vinson & Holly Morris, "Cheating on the Final Exam" (2011)
  • Garry Cohen & Danielle Haight, "Sibling Rivalry" (2010)  (STATES SHOWCASE - OPENING CEREMONIES)
  • Lauren Bates & Rosie DeAngelo, "Acrophobia" (2009)
  • Jon Blacklidge, Desiree Bonilla, Chad Lucas, Sean Davies & Johora Ramotar, "Double Take" (2006)
  • Sean Davies & Tanya Follick, "Two People at a Place" (2005)
  • Dixie Montano, Jessica Negron & Yomely Diaz-Fernandez, "Asylum" (2015)
  • Daniella Knox & Mylene Tomas, "The Robot" (2015)
  • Deysha Barbour, Eric Marino & Ellen Taylor, "Night at the Museum" (2014)
  • Lucas Esteves, "What They Found on the Mountaintop" (2012)
  • Brianna Courchene, Cooper Bowlin & Emma Bjornsen, "The Piano" (2015)
  • Jennifer Bui & Kathryn Smisek, "Late Night" (2015)
  • Gianna Mojica, Johans Court & Selena Reese, "A Fairy Tale Dream Come True" (2015)
  • Emma Bjornsen, Elianabeth Riley & Alexia Rios, "A Lifetime in 4 Minutes" (2014)
  • Jessica Negron, "The Note" (2014)
  • Chris Zichy, "The Magic Show" (2012)
  • Chris Zichy & Garry Cohen, "Secret Agents" (2011)
  • Shelby Tesio & Chrissy Herreid, "The Arcade" (2010)
  • Abby Fleck & Mary Osada, "Learning" (2010)
  • Tori Musco & Chanel Letourneau, "Once Upon a Ball Game" (2010)
  • Caitlin Cameron & Jonathan Hogsett, "Lunch Special" (2010)
  • Moriah Sobeck, "Army Strong" (2009)
  • Angela Conley, Tanner Johnson, Ariana Lee & Mary Powell, "A Dysfunctional Christmas" (2008)
  • Rosie DeAngelo, Kelsey Loynaz & Jessica Olarte, "Girl Scouts Go Camping" (2008)
  • Chanel Letourneau & Lindsay Hail, "Fran and Linda Show You How to Bake a Cake" (2008)
  • Angela Conley & Mary Powell, "Life" (2007)
  • Kyle Adams, Desiree Bonilla, Wes Ford, Stephen Hopkins & Johora Ramotar, "Marathon" (2007)
  • Desiree Foley & Kelly Kinsey, "Student Driver" (2006)
  • Jon Blacklidge, Grace Champion, Desiree Foley & Stephen Hopkins, "Couples" (2005)
  • Rabecca Delestowicz, Jaclyn Marchisella, Libby McCleland, "Trophies Uncensored" (2004)
  • Dana Bomgardner, Casie Fogle, Michelle Jenkins & Amanda Sanborn, "Smackdown" (2004)
  • Patrick Lane & Micah Sieben, "Real Radio 104.1 FM" (2004)
  • Patrick Coy, Libby McCleland & Rabecca Delestowicz, "Comeuppance" (2003)
  • Alex Masters & Pete Pemberton, "The Chef Scene" (2002)
Sponsor's #1 Advice
I've seen a lot of Critics' Choices in Pantomime and they're more challenging than you think.  If I had to pick ONE particular facet above the others it would be: musical accompaniment.  Simply put, pantomimes without music just don't go to the Mime Showcase.
Start with a concept, make a music choice - and then build your performance WITH the music.  It sounds weird, but this is the closest Thespian competitions come to pure Dance.
If you've had my class - use EVERYTHING we've learned.  And come up with a story which can really only be told using mime - one where sound is not appropriate, as opposed to one where you're just 'playing charades.'
Thespians' Advice
"Don't EVER Put off making the Music piece, it simply will not flow correctly. Never Ever Ever Ever make ANY changes the Night before competition. The judges will pick out the slightest errors with your sync to the music. Also have your list of scenes finished before the music is, then go and make the music sync your script and BLAMMO you will have at least an excellent- worthy piece."
-- Alex Reuille ('10)
"Have music accompaniment. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse!  Have more of a concept than a story line.  Time it.  Energy!  Exaggeration (so the concept is easily understood).  Have music.  Remember to bring a CD player to competitions for your music.  Be prepared when it is your time to compete.  Have music!  Have CONFIDENCE!"
-- Rabecca Delestowicz ('04)
If you are a Thespian who has competed in this event, please send your advice to Mr. Gaudet to be included on this page!

What (Not) To Wear
According to the Florida State Thespians, in performances:
IE Performance Attire
We, your Florida State Thespian Student Representatives, have been informed of concerns regarding proper attire for I.E. participants. In the past, judges have found certain items of clothing inappropriate and most of all, distracting to our performances. Therefore, we find that the following attire suggestions are needed:
Participants in musical theatre categories should feel free to wear rehearsal or dance attire that provides full coverage. In any event, we find it best to avoid clothes that restrict movement onstage and make sure that your hair does not prevent the judges from seeing your face. We also recommend that you avoid noisy jewelry, distracting colors, patterns, designs, etc. Let it be about your performance and not your attire.
Be advised that wearing inappropriate and/or distracting attire could possibly interfere with your performance.
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