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from the "FLThespian" website.
  1. Student must present two (2) contrasting selections which may be from different time periods, styles, or moods.
  2. Material must be drawn from published plays written for the theatre. Poetry, fiction, screenplays, and lyrics will not be allowed.
  3. Each monologue must be from a different play and portray a different character.
  4. Hand props may be used if required as an integral part of the scene.
  6. Both selections combined cannot exceed five (5) minutes.
  7. Each room will be provided with three (3) chairs. You are limited to the furniture in the room.
Best Scores ... Ever! (States)
Critics' Choice
no Troupe 6172 Thespian has ever earned this score in this event.
  • Dixie Montano, "Heart of a Child" & "True Story" (2015)
  • Lindsay Hail, "David's Redheaded Death" & "The Most Massive Woman Wins (2010)
  • Yasmine Wilt, titles are lost to the ages (2001)
  • Alex Reuille,  "The 1st Annual Achadamee Awards" & "In a Kingdom By the Sea" (2010)
  • Melissa Reichert, "This Day & Age" & "Love Is a Time of Day" (2010)
  • Lindsay Hail, "The American Dream" & "Ashes to Ashes" (2009)
  • Ariana Lee, "Epic Proportions" & "Look Back in Anger" (2008)
  • Sean Davies, "Brothers" & "Happy Anniversary, Punk!" (2004)
  • Jackie Gillespie, "The Lion in Winter" & "Sister Mary Explains Everything" (2001)
Judges' Criteria
  • Believability
  • Characterization
  • Emotional Commitment
  • Energy and Concentration
  • Physicality/Blocking
  • Vocal Delivery (Volume, Clarity, Interpretation)
Best Scores ... Ever! (Districts)
Critics' Choice
  • Yasmine Wilt (2001)
  • Dixie Montano, "Heart of a Child" & "True Story" (2015)
  • Julia Todd, "Saint Joan" & "The Fantasticks (2012)
  • Mary Osada, "Tomorrow's Wish" & "The Danube" (2011)
  • Lindsay Hail, "David's Redheaded Death" & "The Most Massive Woman Wins" (2010)
  • Melissa Reichert, "This Day & Age" & "Love Is a Time of Day" (2010)
  • Alex Reuille, "The 1st Annual Achadamee Awards" & "In a Kingdom By the Sea" (2010)
  • Alex Reuille, "Victoria Martin, Math Queen" & "Down the Road" (2009)
  • Lindsay Hail, "The American Dream" & "Ashes to Ashes" (2009)
  • Ariana Lee, "Epic Proportions" & "Look Back in Anger" (2008)
  • Lauren Perez, "A Chorus Line" & "Our Town" (2008)
  • Sean Davies, "My Heart in the Real World" & "The Diary of Anne Frank" (2006)
  • Adrian Padilla, "Picasso at the Lapin Agile" & "The Fifth Sun" (2006)
  • Rusty Gillespie "Lloyd's Prayer" & "Camino Real" (2002)
  • Jackie Gillespie, "The Lion in Winter" & "Sister Mary Explains Everything" (2001)
  • Emma Bjornsen, "Straight on 'til Morning" & Office Sonata" (2015)
  • Yomely Diaz-Fernandez, "The Miss Firecracker Contest" & Agnes of God"
  • Annalese Andrews, "King Henry VI, Part 3" & "Vital Signs" (2015)
  • Taylor Gonzalez, "Flesh and Bone" & "Brighton Beach Memoirs" (2014)
  • Brandon Blue-Eyes, "Jack and Jill" & "The Diary of Anne Frank" (2014)
  • Jordan Bourque, "Jack and Jill" & "The Pot of Gold (2014)
  • Christian Mitchell, "The Young Girl & the Monsoon" & "The 1st Annual Achademee Awards" (2013)
  • Alexis Blackledge,  "Like Dreaming, Backwards" & "Cinema Limbo" (2013)
  • Alyssa Blackledge, "Promedy" & "This Day & Age" (2013)
  • Moriah Sobeck, "Lady Windermere's Fan" & "On the High Road" (2010)
  • Taylor Dillingham, "Happy Anniversary, Punk!" & "Coyote on a Fence" (2010)
  • Sarah Hudak, "Brighton Beach Memoirs" & "My Mother Said I Never Should" (2009)
  • Katherine Vargas, "Defeat" & "Uncle Vanya" (2008)
  • Kristina Otero, "Marcus is Walking" & "Songs of Love" (2007)
  • Ariana Lee, "Apartment 3A" & "A Streetcar Named Desire" (2007)
  • Starlett Hill, "A Perfect Ganosh" & "Look Back in Anger" (2007)
  • Megan Russell, "Playground" & "Stuck" (2006)
  • Jaclyn Marchisella, "Oh Dad, Poor Dad" & "Tartuffe" (2005)
  • Sean Davies, "Brothers" & "Happy Anniversary, Punk!" (2004)
  • Rusty Gillespie, "Baby With the Bathwater" & "Beggars in the House of Plenty" (2003)
Sponsor's Advice
Along with Solo Musical, this is probably the scariest of all events to enter: it's just you.  So make sure you bring along two selections you can personally relate to.  They have to mean something to you, and bring the best of your acting/soul/spirit to bear. 
If they're just words to you, and it's just a scene that some character is involved with, you're destined for no better than a Good in this category.  If you believe in the scene, then you've got a great start on earning a Superior.
This is also the most popular event at Districts, period.  Every troupe brings some of their very best actors to this event.  If you're going to enter this one - be prepared to work HARD for every little point towards an Excellent or a Superior.
Thespians' Advice
"Monologues... My favorite! They're so fun to do! But I personally think that it is one of the scariest things you can do at districts. In Ensembles or Duets if you get nervous you can just look at the friends that you're acting with and it all melts away. Monologues: you're up there all by yourself. If you screw up, it's all your fault. You stand up there looking at all these people and your mind totally freezes. Everyone looks at you expectantly, only you. The only thing you can think is "D*$# their eyes!" You need to be really prepared, because if you have any parts in your monologue that you're kind of unsure on you'll probably forget or freeze, and that looks really bad. Monologues are great though, if you're planning to do a monologue (first time or again) break a leg!"
 -- Sean Davies ('06)
If you are a Thespian who has competed in this event, please send your advice to Mr. Gaudet to be included on this page!

What (Not) To Wear
According to the Florida State Thespians, in performances:
IE Performance Attire
We, your Florida State Thespian Student Representatives, have been informed of concerns regarding proper attire for I.E. participants. In the past, judges have found certain items of clothing inappropriate and most of all, distracting to our performances. Therefore, we find that the following attire suggestions are needed:
Participants in musical theatre categories should feel free to wear rehearsal or dance attire that provides full coverage. In any event, we find it best to avoid clothes that restrict movement onstage and make sure that your hair does not prevent the judges from seeing your face. We also recommend that you avoid noisy jewelry, distracting colors, patterns, designs, etc. Let it be about your performance and not your attire.
Be advised that wearing inappropriate and/or distracting attire could possibly interfere with your performance.
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