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from the "FLThespian" website.
  1. Students must select from a specified list of Tech Plays which changes each year.
  2. The student must present five (5) character renderings. These may represent five (5) different characters and/or may follow a single character through several appropriate changes.

  3. Computer assisted design is acceptable.

  4. Each design must be executed in full color and displayed on a 10″ x 15″ white display board. The display board cannot be mounted on any other surface.  All figures must be 10″ tall. Children and unique characters may be varied in size but need to be in proportion to the 10” high standard. The base of the figure should be 3″ from the lower edge of the board. A human figure may be traced to use as a template upon which a costume creation may then be placed.  Tracing of a costume outline or silhouette is unacceptable.

  5. The board should be labeled in the following manner:
    Upper Left hand corner: Name of the show and author.
    Upper Right hand corner: Name of the character, act, and scene.
    Lower Right hand corner: Student’s name and troupe number.

  6. The character renderings may or may not have drawn faces.

  7. The student must attach fabric swatches, measuring a minimum of 2″x2″, by the top edge of the swatch only.  Mount the swatch on the right side of the presentation board so that the swatch may be lifted and felt to evaluate appropriate fabric texture, draping ability, weight, grain, etc.

  8. The student must present a justification of the designs. Note cards may be used.

  9. Only one student may be involved in the set of designs. NO COLLABORATION.

  10. All artwork used must be the original work of the entrant.

  11. The event will not exceed ten (10) minutes. The student presentation is not to exceed five (5) of these ten (10) minutes.

  12. A bibliography is required documenting all resources used including but not limited to written and electronic sources.  The bibliography must be in MLA style.

  13. Other costume embellishments (buttons, trim, etc) can be placed on the presentation board on the right side with the swatches.

  14. Budgetary consideration will not affect adjudication.

Best Scores ... Ever! (States)
Critics' Choice
no Troupe 6172 Thespian has ever earned this score in this event.
  • Delaney Penn, "Legally Blonde: The Musical" (2013)
  • Jessica Courchene, "Chicago" (2012)
  • Mariela Silvia, "Blood Wedding" (2004)
  • Delaney Penn, "Anything Goes" (2014)
  • Alyssa Blackledge, "Sweeney Todd" (2013)
  • Erin Thiele, "School for Scandal" (2006)
  • Amy Malatak, "Barefoot in the Park" (2004)
Judges' Criteria
  • Accuracy (Period and Style)
  • Attention to Detail
  • Function/Suitability
  • Interpretation (Theme and Mood)
  • Problem Solving/Creativity
  • Presentation/Justification
Best Scores ... Ever! (Districts)
Critics' Choice
  • Mariela Silvia, "Blood Wedding" (2004)
  • Delaney Penn, "Anything Goes" (2014)
  • Delaney Penn, "Legally Blonde: The Musical" (2013)
  • Alyssa Blackledge, "Sweeney Todd" (2013)
  • Jessica Courchene, "Chicago" (2012)
  • Erin Thiele, "School for Scandal" (2006)
  • Annalese Andrews, "Pippin" (2015)
  • Elianabeth Riley, "August: Osage County" (2014)
  • Kelsey Vinson, "Sweeney Todd" (2013)
  • Alyssa Blackledge, "Antony & Cleopatra" (2011)
  • Lauren Vanhelden, "Trojan Women" (2008)
  • Karly Muzik, "Doubt" (2007)
  • Zico Tabet, "A Raisin in the Sun" (2006)
  • Amy Malatak, "Barefoot in the Park" (2004)
  • Amy Malatak, "The Secret Garden" (2003)
Sponsor's #1 Advice

The hardest part of any design, but particularly with Costume Design is: defend every choice.  Know why your characters are wearing what they're wearing.  You're not scored on your drawing ability as much as you are on knowing things like: character relationships, time/period/place, and how your costume choices reveal characters to the audience.

Of course - to earn a strong Superior or Critics' Choice, you'll need to spend hours on meticulously drawing your characters.  But you won't even have a shot at it unless you can answer: "Why?"

Remember your textures, and the way clothes fall upon the human frame.  Shade appropriately to show the way the clothes will actually look when finished and worn.  If you don't include shading it will look like your design is made out of inflexible cardboard.

Thespians' Advice

"The main thing really is that last year the judges weren't really looking so much at your drawing skills as they were at how much detail you put into it, and whether or not they were appropriate for the time period, season etc. One of the major things that helps is: when you're coloring the costumes make sure they match the fabric in color and with any patterns the fabric may have. Also if you spray the drawing with a clear coat sealant it may get you in good favor with the judges; they were looking for that last year, and that was one of the comments on my evaluation sheet. I'm not quite sure if the judges were right on this one but they also told me that a good idea would be to continue shading under the figure and add backgrounds or color, but from what it said in the rules I wouldn't quite trust that one. Consistent shading is also a plus. Be prepared to answer a lot of questions about your design and why you chose certain aspects of it.  Know the play well because they do ask you what it's about. Choose colors wisely because they get you there too on why you used that color for a certain character. Most of all don't wait until the last minute - spend as much time as you can on it because they can tell and will mark you off for that. Also you just lose your mind trying to get it finished and that's just not good. That's my advice."

-- Amy Malatak ('05)

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