State Competitions 2010
Troupe 6172
Lindsay Hail ('10)
Monologues, "David's Redhaired Death"
& "The Most Massive Woman Wins"
Garry Cohen ('10), Chanel Letourneau ('10)
& Tori Musco ('10)
Ensemble Acting, "English Made Simple"
Tori Musco ('10)
Publicity Design, "Steel Magnolias"
Alex Reuille ('10)
Monologues, "The 10th Annual Achadamee Awards"
& "In A Kingdom By the Sea"
Melissa Reichert ('10)
Monologues, "This Day and Age"
& "Love Is a Time of Day"
Sarah Hudak ('11)
Scene Design, "Steel Magnolias"

District XIV Competitions 2010
Troupe 6172
Garry Cohen ('11) & Danielle Haight ('11)
Pantomime, "Sibling Rivalry"
This is Troupe 6172's first Critics' Choice to also be voted to represent the entire District at Opening Showcase at States!  Congratulations!
Sarah Hudak ('11)
Scene Design, "Steel Magnolias"
The judges really enjoyed Sarah's research and attention to detail in creating the beauty parlor in "Steel Magnolias" and saw lots of potential for an updated version for States.
Tori Musco ('10)
Publicity Design, "Steel Magnolias"
"Business savvy" and "smart" were the words judges used to describe Tori's Publicity Design on "Steel Magnolias."  They also said they "liked the use of magnolias."
Chanel Letourneau ('10), Garry Cohen ('11) & Tori Musco ('10)
Ensemble Acting, "English Made Simple"
This absurd comedy earned "straight superiors" from  the judges who saw even further potential in continued playing with the blocking.
Lindsay Hail ('10)
Monologues, "David's Redhaired Death" & "The Most Massive Woman Wins"
Lindsay earned "straight superiors" again from each of the three judges with her contrasting monologues.  They loved her storytelling and her control of emotions.
Melissa Reichert ('10)
Monologues, "This Day & Age" & "Love is a Time of Day"
Melissa earned straight Superiors from the judges, who loved her use of silence, characters, and great focus.
Alex Reuille ('10)
Monologues, "The 1st Annual Achadamee Awards" & "In a Kingdom By the Sea"
All three judges gave Alex near-perfect scores  in every single category citing his strong "characterization, clarity and transitions."  While Alex had to sit out last year at States even though he earned a Superior, this time he's going to the Show.
Sarah Hudak ('11)
Solo Musical, "No Good Deed" from "Wicked"
Judges loved Sarah's "acting, great expression, and intensity," giving her straight Superiors.  They also admired Sarah's passion, and that she chose a clearly difficult song to sing.
We are only allowed to send 5 Superiors in Performance, 3 in Tech, as well as any declared District Representatives.  This year we had one too many events that earned the highest possible overall score of "Superior."  
Shelby Tesio ('10), Jamal Bailey ('10) & Chrissy Herreid ('12)
Ensemble Acting, "Canker Sores & Other Distractions"
I would love to send this hilarious event to States - and I do think it has great potential.  If any other Performance Superior can not advance, this one will represent our troupe in its place.
Shelby Tesio ('10) & Chrissy Herreid ('12)
Pantomime, "The Arcade"
Carl Simmonds ('11) & Sarah Hudak ('11)
Duet Acting, "Sure Thing"
Abby Fleck ('12) & Mary Osada ('11)
Pantomime, "Learning"
Tori Musco ('10) & Chanel Letourneau ('10)
Pantomime, "Once Upon a Ball Game"
Taylor Dillingham ('10)
Monologues, "Happy Anniversary Punk!" & "Coyote on a Fence"
Caitlin Cameron ('11) & Jonathan Hogsett ('11)
Pantomime, "Lunch Special"
Jessica Courchene ('12), Abby Fleck ('12) & Czarina Teano ('11)
Ensemble Acting, "Heads"
Moriah Sobeck ('10)
Monologues, "Lady Windermere's Fan" & "On the High Road"
Vince Evangelista ('11) & Tori Musco ('10)
Duet Acting, "DMV Tyrant"

Registration Information

Thespians Observing
Thespians Not Enrolled in Competition for 2010

Publicity Design

1.       Musco – “Steel Magnolias”



1.       Sobeck – “Lady Windermere’s Fan” & “On the High Road”

2.       Dillingham – “Happy Anniversary, Punk!” & “Coyote on a Fence”

3.       Reichert – “This Day and Age” & “Love Is a Time Of Day”

4.       Hail – “V. Dentate” & “Johnnie Ruth”

5.       Reuille – “The First Annual Academy Awards” & “In a Kingdom By the Sea”


Duet Acting

1.       Simmonds & Hudak, “Where Are the Heroes?”

2.       Sobeck & Reichert, “The Hat”

3.       Hail & Tanner, “So Tell Me About This Guy”

4.       Musco & Evangelista, “DMV Tyrant”

5.       Reid & Cameron, “Beauty”



1.       Cohen & Haight, “Sibling Rivalry”

2.       Musco & Letourneau, “Once Upon a Ball Game”

3.       Cameron & Hogsett, “Maid Service”

4.       Fleck & Osada, “Learning”

5.       Tesio & Herreid, “The Arcade”


Ensemble Acting

1.       Fleck, Courchene & Teano, “Heads”

2.       Reuille, Hogsett & Cameron, “Playthings”

3.       Musco, Letourneau & Cohen, “English Made Simple”

4.       Tesio, Herreid & Bailey, “Canker Sores and Other Distractions”


Solo Musical

  1. Hogsett – “One Song” from Rent

  2. Olascuaga – “Hopelessly Devoted to You” from Grease

  3. Hudak – “No Good Deed” from Wicked

  4. Herreid – “Popular” from Wicked

  5. O’Brien – “On My Own” from Les Mis


Duet Musical

1.    Simmonds & Letourneau – “Therapy” from Tick Tick Boom


Group Musical

1.   Hail, Hudak, Simmonds & Evangelista – “Nine People’s Favorite Thing” from [Title of Show]

 Scene Design

1.       Hudak – “Steel Magnolias”



Costume Design

Costume Construction

Student-Directed Scene