Florida State Competitions 2008
Thespian Troupe #6172

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competing against over 6,700 students, statewide!!

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Kelsey Loynaz ('08) & Jessica Olarte-Velez ('08)
Duet Acting, "Loose Ends"
Ariana Lee ('08)
Monologue, "Epic Proportions" & "Look Back in Anger"
Chrissy Bracken ('09), Andrew Garces ('08) & Karly Muzik ('09)
Ensemble Acting, "The Tarantino Variation"
Miranda Ross ('08)
Solo Musical, "Only in New York" from "Thoroughly Modern Millie"

District XIV Competitions 2008
Troupe 6172

Chrissy Bracken ('09), Andrew Garces ('08) & Karly Muzik ('09)
Ensemble Acting, "The Tarantino Variation"
Clearly defined characters, outstanding comic timing, and smart scene composition made this scene a judges' favorite!  Plus, Andrew really had to pee. They are the winners of our troupe's FIFTH Critics' Choice award in a row!
Lauren Bates ('09)
Publicity Design, "Real Women Have Curves"
Lauren won over the judges with her sharp promotional ideas, focused presentation, and strong sense of promotional appeal.  Lauren's Publicity Design was a finalist for the overall Technical Direction Critics' Choice award.
Ariana Lee ('08)
Monologues, "Epic Proportions" & "Look Back in Anger"
Ariana received straight Superiors from the judges, who found her monologues to be very credible (high judge's praise!), hilarious, and very sharply contrasted - highlighting an effective acting range.
Miranda Ross ('08)
Solo Musical, "Only in New York" from "Thoroughly Modern Millie"
The judges had strong marks for Miranda's performance, finding both a consistent vocal performance and a believable character.  Her warm and professional performance is wonderful to watch!
Kelsey Loynaz ('08) & Jessica Olarte ('08)
Duet Acting, "Loose Ends"
It's hard to believe that Kelsey & Jessica hated this play at first - it's turned into such a mature, subtle, and enjoyable piece.  Two of the judges had virtually nothing negative to say - and really liked the play's creative staging and use of dramatic timing.
Lauren Perez ('11)
Monologues, "A Chorus Line" & "Our Town"
The judges liked Lauren's clear and vocally brilliant performances.  They also remarked on her "excellent natural quality" and strong levels of energy and concentration.


Note : I am allowed to pick one, and only one,
"Excellent" Tech event to advance to States.
Karly Muzik ('09)
Costume Construction, "Steel Pier"
While the judges may have been a little rough in their vocal feedback, on paper their feedback is laced with great compliments about Karly's sewing skill, great costume drawings, and attention to interior detail as well as the obvious exterior.  With just a costume collage renovation, and a period silhouette alteration, I feel confident that this is a piece that can do very well at States.
We are only allowed to send 5 Superiors in Performance, 3 in Tech, as well as any declared District Representatives.  These events earned the highest possible overall score of "Superior" but were not chosen to advance to States.   To those of you who are not advancing, I am very, very sorry.  You are to be congratulated on your great work.
Lauren Bates ('09) & Andrew Garces ('08)
Duet Acting, "Bright Ideas"
Lauren Perez ('11)
Solo Musical, "Roxie" from "Chicago"
Mark Vicciardo ('09)
Playwriting, "Jack"
Brandon Armstrong ('08) & Lauren Perez ('11)
Duet Musical, "Notice Me Horton" from "Seussical, the Musical"
Chrissy Bracken ('09)
Solo Musical, "Good Morning Baltimore" from "Hairspray"
Lauren Vanhelden ('09)
Costume Construction, "Trojan Women"
Josh Dohmann ('08) & Christoph Revelia ('08)
Duet Acting, "The Odd Couple"
Josh Dohmann ('08), Mary Powell ('08) & Miranda Ross ('08)
"'Dentity Crisis", Christopher Durang
Lauren Vanhelden
Solo Musical, "Don't Cry for Me Argentina" from "Evita"
Cara Dozier ('09) & Karly Muzik ('09)
Duet Acting, "Steel Magnolias"
Lauren Vanhelden ('09)
Costume Design, "Trojan Women"
Angela Conley ('08), Tanner Johnson ('10), Ariana Lee ('08) &
Mary Powell ('08)
Pantomime, "A Dysfunctional Christmas"
Katherine Vargas ('08)
Monologues, "Defeat" & "Uncle Vanya"
Susan Belliveau ('08) & Cailyn Quevedo ('08)
Duet Acting, "Agnes of God"
Lindsay Hail ('10) & Chanel Letourneau ('10)
Pantomime, "Fran and Linda Show You How to Bake a Cake"
Rosie Deangelo ('08), Kelsey Loynaz ('08) & Jessica Olarte ('08)
Pantomime, "Girl Scouts Go Camping"
Lauren Bates ('09) & Andrew Garces ('08)
Duet Musical, "Serious" from "Legally Blonde"
Mary Powell ('08)
Solo Musical, "Part of Your World" from "The Little Mermaid"

Districts Competition Workshops

4 Performance Workshops Required ; 3 Tech Workshops Required

  This event must now attend ALL WORKSHOPS to qualify for States, even if it scores a Superior 

Acting Events       Workshops       Bonus Total
Group Event 10-Dec 17-Dec 8-Jan 14-Jan 22-Jan 28-Jan 2-Feb Attended
Dohmann & Revelia Duet Acting X X  X   X   X 5
Garces & Bates Duet Acting   X    X X  X   4
Garces, Muzik & Bracken Ensemble Acting   X      X  X X 4
Lee Monologue   X    X  X   X 4
Muzik & Dozier Duet Acting   X      X X 4
Olarte & Loynaz Duet Acting   X    X  X  X 4
Perez Monologue X X      X  X X 5
Powell, Dohmann & Ross Ensemble Acting X X      X   X 4
Quevedo & Belliveau Duet Acting   X  X    X  X X 5
Vargas Monologue   X  X    X  X   4
Musical/Pantomime/Tech* Events     Workshops       Bonus Total
Group Event 12-Dec 19-Dec 9-Jan 16-Jan 23-Jan 30-Jan 2-Feb Attended
Armstrong  Publicity Design   X      X     2
Armstrong & Perez Duet Musical X X  X    X  X X 6
Bates Publicity Design   X    X  X  X   4
Baynard & Reuille Pantomime   X  X  X  X  X X 6
Bracken Solo Musical   X  X  X  X  X   5
Garces & Bates Duet Musical   X    X  X     3
Haywood Costume Design   X      X  X X 4
Letourneau & Hail Pantomime   X    X  X  X X 5
Muzik Costume Const   X      X  X   3
Olarte, Deangelo & Loynaz Pantomime X X    X  X  X X 6
Perez Solo Musical   X    X  X   4
Powell Solo Musical   X    X  X  X   4
Powell, Conley, Johnson & Lee Pantomime X X    X  X  X X 6
Ross Solo Musical X X      X  X   4
Vanhelden Solo Musical   X  X    X  X X 5
Vanhelden Costume Design X X    X  X     4
Vanhelden Costume Const X X    X  X     4
* Playwriting does not require any Workshop, as the finished product must be mailed in with Registration    


Registration Information

Thespians Eligible for States
  1. Armstrong
  2. Bates
  3. Baynard
  4. Belliveau
  5. Bracken
  6. Conley
  7. DeAngelo
  8. Dohmann
  9. Dozier
  10. Garces
  11. Hail
  12. Johnson
  13. Lee
  14. Letourneau, Chanel
  15. Loynaz
  16. Muzik
  17. Olarte
  18. Perez
  19. Powell
  20. Quevedo
  21. Reuille
  22. Revelia
  23. Ross
  24. Vanhelden
  25. Vargas
  26. Vicciardo
1.       Vargas – “Uncle Vanya” & “Defeat”
2.       Lee – “Epic Proportions” & “Look Back in Anger”
4.       Perez – “A Chorus Line" & "Our Town"
Duet Acting
1.       Quevedo & Belliveau – “Agnes of God”
2.       Olarte & Loynaz - "Loose Ends"
3.       Dohmann & Revelia – “The Odd Couple”
4.       Muzik & Dozier – “Steel Magnolias”
5.       Garces & Bates – “Bright Ideas”
Duet Musical
1.       Armstrong & Perez, “Notice Me, Horton” / Seussical
2.       Garces & Bates, “Serious” / Legally Blonde
Ensemble Acting
1.       Garces, Muzik & Bracken - “The Tarantino Variation” *V
2.       Powell, Dohmann & Ross – “’Dentity Crisis” *S
1.       Vicciardo – “Jack”
Student Directed Scene
Scene Design
Small Group Musical
Large Group Musical
Publicity Design
1.       Bates – “Real Women Have Curves”
2.       Armstrong – “To Kill a Mockingbird”
 Costume Design
1.       Vanhelden – “Trojan Women”
2.       Haywood – “Real Women Have Curves”
Costume Construction
1.       Muzik – “Steel Pier”
2.       Vanhelden – “Trojan Women”
1.       Powell, Johnson, Conley & Lee – “A Dysfunctional Christmas"
2.       Baynard & Reuille – “The Garbage Collectors"
3.       Olarte, DeAngelo & Loynaz – “Girl Scouts Go Camping”
4.       Letourneau & Hail - "Fran and Linda Show You How to Bake a Cake"
 Solo Musical
1.       Bracken, “Good Morning Baltimore” / Hairspray
2.       Ross, “Only in New York” / Th. Modern Millie
3.       Vanhelden, "Don't Cry for Me Argentina" / Evita
4.       Perez, “Roxie” / Chicago
5.       Powell, “Part of Your World” / The Little Mermaid
Observing (No Event)


Districts Competition Contract (Online Copy)

Districts Competition Contract 2008                                                                             due 2:00pm Wed 12/13
Competition Date: Saturday February 2, 2008 at Land O’ Lakes High School.  Time will be about 7am-8pm.  We’ll know the time for sure after all registrations are in (more registrations = longer festival)
Fees for Those Who Fundraised Their Minimum $30 This Year
Your $15.00 fee is non-refundable, excepting travel limitations.
If you sign up to go to Districts, and then do not attend due to a choice you have made, you must reimburse the Thespians Treasury $15.00 for the non-refundable amount we paid to the International Thespian Society on your behalf.
Fees for Those Who Did Not Fundraise This Year
Your fee is $30.00 to attend. 
If competing in an Acting event, you agree to rehearse regularly.  In addition, you will attend FOUR out of the following SIX workshops in Rm 229 from 2:00-3:00pm.  Mon 12/10, Mon 12/17, Tue 1/8, Mon 1/14, Tue 1/22, Mon 1/28.  You may alternately meet during 7th period if ALL of your group members have 7th Lunch.
If competing in a Musical, Pantomime or Tech event,: you agree to meet to rehearse/design regularly.  In addition, you will attend FOUR out of the following SIX workshops in Rm 229 from 2:00-3:00pm.  Wed 12/12, Wed 12/19, Wed 1/9, Wed 1/16, Wed 1/23, Wed 1/30 (3-4pm after the Thespian meeting).  You may alternately meet during 7th period if ALL of your group members have 7th Lunch.
Any group who does not meet these workshop standards will not be permitted to compete at States, even if they earn a Superior.
Travel capacity is limited to the number of car seats actually going to Land O’ Lakes to compete.  Priority seating is given to competitors, then a random lottery of attendees.
Travel capacity is also limited to the number of adult chaperones (at least 21 years old) who commit to travel with us.  If your parent would like to volunteer - please let Mr. G know as soon as possible! 
If you do not get to attend Districts because of insufficient seating, your paid fee will be refunded.  Seats will be announced by 2:00pm Thu December 14, 2007.  
You must have your parent fill out a permission form for you to travel to Land O’ Lakes High School by private vehicle by 2:00pm Wed December 13, 2007.
Be sure you are serious about competing!  If your performance/design group withdraws from competition, EACH THESPIAN in that group must pay the $5.00 fee that District XIV assesses us AND you will not be considered for cast, design team, or on-stage crew for the remainder of this school year.  Any remaining amount will go to the Thespian Treasury.
Other Stuff
Lunch will be provided this year!  You will also receive a free District XIV Festival T-Shirt.
I have read the above rules, and agree to abide by them.
________________________________                          ________________________________________
Thespian’s Signature                                                 Parent’s Signature
Check one :                       _____ $15 Cash,      _____ $15 Check          (I have fundraised at least $30 this year)
                                            _____ $30 Cash,      _____ $30 Check          (I have not fundraised this year at all)
                                            _____ FREE                                                     (I have fundraised at least $100 this year)
Check one preference :   _____ Ham Sandwich     _____ Turkey Sandwich     _____ Vegetarian Sandwich
Contract, fees, and transportation permission are due by 2:00pm Wed December 13, 2007!
Please pay fees either in a check made out to WCHS, or in cash.



States Schedule of Events

Date Room Time Performer Event Title
THU CC-18 1:03 P Ariana Lee Monologue Epic Proportions/Look Back in Anger
FRI CC-9 10:36 A Loynaz & Olarte Duet Acting Loose Ends
FRI CC-7 1:00 P Lauren Bates Publicity Design Real Women Have Curves
FRI CC-15 3:16 P Lauren Perez Monologue A Chorus Line/Our Town
FRI CC-13 5:10 P Garces and Co. Ensemble Acting The Tarantino Variation* D V
SAT CC-1 1:00 P Karly Muzik Costume Construction Steel Pier
SAT CC-24 1:10 P Miranda Ross Solo Musical Only In New York/Thoroughly Modern Millie

You must have your completed States Registration Package in to Mr. Gaudet by 2:40pm Wed 2/13/08 or you will not attend States!! 
Registration packets will be available in Room 229 starting 11:10am Tuesday 2/5/08.   You are eligible to attend States if you competed in any event at Districts.  You can go to States even if you didn't "advance" - and no matter what your score was.  There will be fun workshops to go to, tons of events to see, and a great time to be had!  Make sure you don't pass up this fantastic opportunity!
If you are marked as "Going to States" and would like to accept this offer, you will be required to continue to work on your piece, and to attend regular workshops to address all of the judges' concerns, and to work on anything you might want to improve in your piece.  The goal will be to shape yourself up for a Superior at States - which is much, much harder to come by.  Be sure you are ready to put in the work before you say "Yes."  I will hold you to your commitment!
An event marked below as "Going to States" requires all of its members to complete registrations by 2:40pm  2/13/08.  Any events not meeting this deadline will forfeit their advancement to States.  If this happens, I will choose from among the other Superiors for an event to take their place.