Florida State Competitions 2007
Thespian Troupe #6172

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competing against over 6,500 students, statewide!!

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Irene Mincuzzi ('07)
Publicity Design, "Titus Andronicus"
Wes Ford ('07) & Stephen Hopkins ('07)
Duet Acting, "Zoo Story"
Kelsey Loynaz ('08) & Jessica Olarte-Velez ('08)
Duet Acting, "Anything For You"

District XIV Competitions 2007
Troupe 6172

competing against 14 schools in Pasco, Hernando, and Polk Counties

Wes Ford ('07) & Stephen Hopkins ('07)
Duet Acting, "Zoo Story"
Wes and Stephen took a very challenging play with serious, adult themes and made it work through strong character commitment and solid motivation work.  They are our troupe's second Duet Acting Critics' Choice in a row!
Irene Mincuzzi ('08)
Publicity Design, "Titus Andronicus"
Irene used a unified theme, solid research, and a variety of approaches to marketing a Shakespeare play to High School students.  This may also mark the first time a poster using the thematic selling point of "Cannibalism" made it to the top!


Note : I am allowed to pick one, and only one,
Excellent to advance to States.
We were bewildered to find quite a few scenes earned an Excellent score instead of a Superior.  There were some events where the judges simply judged there were NO SUPERIORS at all, by ANY troupe.
Kelsey Loynaz ('08) & Jessica Olarte ('08)
Duet Acting, "Anything For You"
The judges loved the comedy, timing, and clear characters of this scene, and left simple things to clean up, like: "wait a second at the end of the scene"; "avoid over-articulating" (too much diction!!); and "project in the most quiet moments."  I am confident that we will be able to address these issues easily, and have a successful scene at States.
Starlett Hill ('07)
Solo Musical, "Home" from "Beauty and the Beast"
Lexi Davies ('08) & Katie Gardner ('08)
Duet Acting, "Voices From the High School"
Angela Conley ('08) and Mary Powell ('08)
Pantomime, "Life"
Kyle Adams ('07), Desiree Bonilla ('07), Wes Ford ('07), Stephen Hopkins ('07) & Johora Ramotar ('07)
Pantomime, "Marathon"
Megan Russell ('08)
"And I Am Telling You" from "Dreamgirls"
Desiree Bonilla ('07), Megan Dart ('07), Lexi Davies ('08), Cara Dozier ('09), Starlett Hill ('07), Kelsey Loynaz ('08), Lisa Noury ('07), Jessica Olarte ('08), Mary Powell ('08), Miranda Ross ('08), Johora Ramotar ('07), Megan Russell ('08), Nicole Salce ('07), Lauren Vanhelden ('09)
Large Group Musical, "Forget About the Boy"
from "Thoroughly Modern Millie"
Brandon Armstrong ('08)
Solo Musical, "If I Can't Love Her" from "Beauty & the Beast"
Rosie DeAngelo ('08) & Catherine Zichy ('08)
Duet Acting, "Stop Talking"
Bernadette Ricard ('08)
Solo Musical, "Mamma Mia" from "Mamma Mia"
Kristina Otero ('07)
Monologue, "Songs of Love" & "Marcus is Walking"
Starlett Hill ('07)
Monologue, "Look Back in Anger" & "A Perfect Ganosh"
Rachael Freeman ('07)
Playwriting, "The Moroccan Spoon"
Karly Muzik ('09)
Costume Design, "Doubt"
Londa Edwards ('08)
Solo Musical, "The Ladies Who Lunch" from "Company"
One Act
 EXCELLENT - Performance Score
 EXCELLENT - Tech Score
"The Bible in 30 Minutes ... Or Less"
by David Ives
Claire Elmblad : ALL*STAR CREW
Stephen Hopkins : ALL*STAR CAST
Wes Ford
Stephen Hopkins
Karly Muzik
Johora Ramotar
Rachael Freeman
Jessica Olarte
Kelsey Loynaz
Amanda Blommel
Kristina Otero
Catherine Zichy
Ariana Lee
Kyle Adams
Megan Russell
Lexi Davies
Brandon Armstrong
Katie Gardner
Irene Mincuzzi