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"Annie Play Will Do" was one of our tightest, funniest, most professional performances of all time.  GREAT JOB to everyone who was involved!  With every play I've directed I've ended with a great sense of happiness, accomplishment, pride, but also relief that the work is over.  This is the first time I've ever come home late on a Friday night and said "Noooo ... I want to keep doing this one!  Over and over!  Let's do it again!"
It was wonderful to see Thespian Alums in the audience, including Alyssa Blackledge ('13), Kelsey Vinson ('13), Brianna Loviglio ('13), Aly Oquendo ('12), Julia Todd ('13), Aaron Schaefer ('13), and Melissa Sabalaske ('13) as well as Jessica Courchene ('12) and Alex Mapes ('13) working the show as Center for the Arts official staff!
I hope to add in pictures and member page updates this weekend once I shake off the sleepiness.
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9th Grade
Spring Play
"Annie Play Will Do"
by Scott Haan
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The Troupe 6172 Public Performance Season #15

Spring Play - "Annie Play Will Do" by Scott Haan
   7:00pm April 10 & 11, 2014
Tickets will be only $5.00, $3.00 for students.
Because of a miscommunication with the principal, high school drama teacher Mr. Morris finds himself with only ONE DAY to cast, stage and perform the school play. In desperation, he turns to two of his best students, Paul and Laura, to take charge and co-direct the show, unaware that the two are in the middle of a nasty break-up and are no longer speaking.
Things go from bad to much, much worse when Paul and Laura, practicing with their friends independently, don't realize they are rehearsing for DIFFERENT SHOWS, "Little Orphan Annie" and "Annie Get Your Gun." And the problem isn't discovered until the curtain opens. It's a theatre nightmare brought hilariously to life.

14th Annual Student Film Festival
   12:40 pm May 1, 2014
Wesley Chapel High is known for its student filmmakers, and for its annual film making competition which brings dozens of films to our judging staff.  Come see the 5 Student Films that were nominated for "Best Picture" at this one-of-a-kind local film festival.
Tickets are only $3.00 for everyone!

The Comedy Show
   7:00pm October 10 & 11, 2013
Hang out for some LIVE shows filled with comedy as Wesley Chapel's 4-year Theatre program puts on 4 short shows of LIVE comedy, plus 1 short dramatic show performed by our award-winning Thespian troupe!
  •    Theatre 1 : "Group Therapy" by Alexis Blackledge & Tyler Temple
  •    Acting 1 : "America's Superheroes Got Talent" by Raven Gonzalez & Emma Schlechty
  •    Acting 2 : "Seussification of Romeo & Juliet" by Peter Bloedel
  •    Acting 3 : "The Love of Three Oranges" by Carlo Gozzi
Tickets will be only $5.00 for Adults and $3.00 for Students.  That's WAY cheaper than the movies, and a uniquely fun experience for those who've never been to a live show before!