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  • Rehearsals for "Our Town" and workshops for States Competition are going really well.  In-class films are all submitted for the Film Festival.  Out-of-class films are due by WED March 4th!

  • I cancelled today's Spring Play practice because, as of 3rd period, 5 of our actors in our Act 3 rehearsal were absent from school (and thus ineligible to attend after-school rehearsals).  While Matthew has more than proven his ability to be Lizzie, Irma, and Miss Corcoran I felt stretching him to include Emily, Mrs. Gibbs, Simon Stimson, Sam Craig, Joe Stoddard to perform 50% of the dialogue in Act 3 was maybe a bit too much.  Thespians Dixie Montano, Brianna Courchene, Alexia Andrews, and Yomely Diaz-Fernandez: we missed you!

  • Congratulations to the Thespians for earning the 'Best Decorated Tent' and 'Most Popular Attraction' at the Wildcat Carnival!  We'll be getting free donuts at our Troupe Meeting tomorrow during Homeroom.  Aw yeah!  Thanks again to Brianna Courchene who advocated really hard for the whole project.

  • Added in the Wildcat Carnival to member pages.  Congratulations to Kat Connelly who has just earned her 50th point and joined the Hall of Champions!
Film Festival 2015
  in progress now
  See Mr. Gaudet in Room 229
  for Rules and an Entry Form!
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  WED Feb 25 - In-Class Films Due
  WED Mar 4 - All other Films Due
"Our Town" Rehearsals
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  See the full rehearsal schedule
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Workshops for States
  2:00-3:00, Room 229
  First Round
  TUE Mar 3 - Andrews/Bowlin

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Season #16 (2014-15)
  Aug 7: 9th Grade Orientation
  Oct 16 & 17 : The Comedy Show 2014
  Dec 6 : Districts Competitions
  Jan 22 : Spring Play Auditions
  Mar 26-28 : States Competitions 2015
  Apr 9 & 10 : "Our Town" by Thornton Wilder
  May 1 : Film Festival 2015

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SEASON #16 (2014-15)
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The Troupe 6172 Public Performance Season #16

Spring Play - "Our Town" by Thornton Wilder
   7:00pm April 9 & 10, 2015
Travel back to Grovers Corners, NH in one of the most popular plays produced in American high schools.  This is a play about the way life used to be, and about taking time to remember the moments that take place in our own lives every day.  We're calling it now: This is going to be one of our best shows ever.  Don't miss it.
Tickets will still be only $5.00, $3.00 for students.

15th Annual Student Film Festival
   12:40 pm May 1, 2015
Wesley Chapel High is known for its student filmmakers, and for its annual film making competition which brings dozens of films to our judging staff.  Come see the 5 Student Films that were nominated for "Best Picture" at this one-of-a-kind local film festival.
Tickets are only $3.00 for everyone!

The Comedy Show
   7:00pm October 16 & 17, 2014
Hang out for some LIVE shows filled with comedy as Wesley Chapel's 4-year Theatre program puts on 4 short shows of LIVE comedy!
  •    Theatre 1 : "Rewind" by Dixie Montano & Matthew Tsvetkov
  •    Acting 1 : "How to Succeed in High School (Without Really Trying) by Jonathan Rand
  •    Acting 2 : "So You Wanna Be a Cheerleader" by M. G. Davidson
  •    Acting 3 : "Cut" by Ed Monk
Tickets will be only $5.00 for Adults and $3.00 for Students.  That's WAY cheaper than the movies, and a uniquely fun experience for those who've never been to a live show before!